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[Answers] What is the TC fabric? The pros and applications of TC fabrics

The TC fabric is also known as the tixi fabric or cotton 35/65. This is a fabric mainly used in the production of the costumes, the creation of pillows for cushions, furniture. So what is the TC fabric that is widely used so, the article below will advise specific to you?

What is TC fabric?

The TC fabric is what the question is pretty much a consumer interested and eager to learn. The fact that TC is a fabric that is synthesized from 2 cotton and Polyester material with a ratio of 35% and 65%. It is also known as the TC 65 35 cloth.


Further due to the synthesis of these two fibers, it is full of outstanding features of both Cotton and Polyester product lines. Today to meet the needs of many consumers that the manufacturer of the Thun TC has created a variety of variations by changing its aggregate component.

However, when these components change pulls by the price of the product is also changed. In particular, the higher the fabric ingredient is, the higher the rate will grow. In addition to these two components, the TC fabric also has a certain proportion of Spandex fibers. Adding this type of yarn will have the effect of helping the elasticity of better material and also depending on the ratio of Spandex fibers that the flexibility of the fabric can be 2-dimensional or 4-dimensional.

The most remarkable advantages of TC fabric

TC is one of the most widely used materials in life nowadays because they have many superior advantages that bring maximum benefit to the user. Here are the edges of TC fabric you can't ignore:

The TC material is well-absorbent

Due to being synthesized from cotton fabric, the TC cloth has a pretty good sweat permeability.

Furthermore, this suction ability can be utterly dependent on the ratio of the amount of cotton added in the canvas. If the higher the cotton content is the possibility of being more absorbent. The appropriate fabrics make clothes or pillows for the baby.

TC Ball and a soft cloth

Also, the canvas has a shiny and more malleable succession of cotton and Polyester fibers. So the producers can comfortably dye the eye-catching colors to give out excellent products that carry distinct personalities.

TC with high durability

Not only does the TC fabric also fix the downside of cotton cloth is or wrinkled after washing. Namely, after each laundry cloth remains the same as the original, unruffled or wrinkled on the surface. Furthermore, the underscore of the fabric is very low, so they can easily be cleaned, durable and well-lifespan.


TC Savings Fabric Price

Possesses many strengths in quality but TC fabrics are affordable, creating considerable suction power with multiple apparel production units and consumers on the market.

Application of the TC fabric now

At present, TC fabrics are many businesses used in sewing costumes and produce some blankets pillow items.

Sewing clothes

TC Fabrics used to sew clothing are common. These types of costumes are often seen from this cloth as sports clothes, children's clothes, summer dress, and office costumes.

Moreover, when you wear it many times remain unfaded, the pattern remains unchanged as it is initially purchased. Particular products also have dust resistance, extremely good antibacterial should be very safe for the health of consumers.

Sewing pillows

This material is also used to sew the cheap Red river pillows and some other ranches because they had the advantage of being shrinkable, not wrinkled and faded through a long period of use, especially the fabric is priced to save.

Not only that, with buffer products, the original shape keeping as original is essential. Using the TC cloth to sew the coating cover will support the force in keeping the appearance of the buffer. Mainly using it to sew a pillow or blanket peel will help you have a more soothing sleep, suitable for family health.

Currently due to the cost of the cheap TC fabric, so the production cost is also quite low. Therefore it has helped businesses to acquire a lot of profit. So selecting the TC material is an incredibly creative decision of the company that manufactures mattress pillows.

How to protect and protect the TC fabric most suitable

To preserve and preserve the TC cloth is not difficult. First when the laundry to ensure the durability for the product you should soak it in cold water has been saturated with soap for about 30 minutes. Or you can also soak it with water discharge cloth and to overnight.

This way will always keep the fabric material to be softball. In particular, it is necessary to avoid the use of extreme white water products that will fly the loss of color of the cloth. When the laundry should be gentle, avoid scrubbing the surface that will result in a rough phenomenon.


In addition to keep the fresh new for the TC cloth you, please sort it before washing. It means that you wash without soaking with other fabrics. When exposure should choose a cool shady place where more sunshine will reduce the durability of the product. Furthermore, the rain is also used to use electric fans to dry and not use the dryer to lose the gloss of the fabric surface.

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