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Spring innovations can help the British bed industry compete with cheaper imports, says Anthony Joyce, president of Leggett & Platt With around 180 mattress and twin size futon mattress manufacturers competing for business, there’s no denying that the bed market in the UK is fiercely competitive. But the going is to get even tougher. Imported […]

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Inflationary sleeping. (What’s New?)

By now, the idea of an inflatable queen size futon mattress which may function as a spare mattress is no more a brand new one. Insofar as the individuals being set up onto it, however, there are lots of people who aren’t just crazy about sleeping on the ground, in particular those people who have […]

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Discounting dilemma debated especially deep discounting

Discounting–especially deep discounting of premium futon mattress and king size futon mattress lines–has plagued the bedding industry for years by squeezing margins and, inevitably, profits. But in recent months, some manufacturers complain, discounting has eased. The manufacturers say that ultra-premium product introductions have changed the focus of retail promotions. They point out that retailers have […]

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How Does Your Sleep System Perform? Advisors Futon

With the popularity of luxury bedding and futon mattress in retail, and consumers becoming more sophisticated in their purchase of sleep systems, expectations for a comfortable night’s sleep while traveling are higher than ever. When selecting sleep systems, hotels frequently use a standardized process of specifying and bidding. However, the very factors that make the […]

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Sift through any newspaper in any town over the course of a week, and you are likely to end up with a pretty decent pile of print advertisements for full size futon mattresses, posted by both independent sleep shops and the major sleep shop chains. Some are large, eye-catching affairs with crisp photos and illustrations, […]

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