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Why Should You Choose Futon Mattress?

In the past, when people had a thought about futon, they thought about an inexpensive replacement of a bed which was only used by unaffordable people such as workers or students. But this opinion is no longer true these days. As you may see, the futon mattress market is very bustle because more and more […]

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Regrouping at Fashion Bed; Fashion Bed Group still has growing pains, but is working hard to get its wealth of products delivered on time

Fashion Bed Group offers a wide variety of products from $49 brass-plated headboards to $1,500 wrought-iron canopy beds. The furniture manufacturer’s product mix includes shiny brass beds, iron beds in specialty finishes, painted metal beds and imported wood, wicker and juvenile metal furniture and queen size futon mattresses as well. Fashion Beds has introduced a […]

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