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Why Should You Choose Futon Mattress?

In the past, when people had a thought about futon, they thought about an inexpensive replacement of a bed which was only used by unaffordable people such as workers or students. But this opinion is no longer true these days. As you may see, the futon mattress market is very bustle because more and more […]

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How Much Weight Can A Futon Hold

You are going to purchase a new futon for an extra bed in your home for occasion when your friends come over and stay overnight, or as an alternative of a normal bed when your current one is not available. On the market, there are a wide range of futons in term of styles, sizes […]

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How Does A Futon Work ?

Many of you may hear about futon and some may use it in the daily life. It is more and more popular due to its amazing benefits. However, do you really know how does a futon work? In this article, we are pleased to show you the basic knowledge about futon you should know before […]

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How To Open A Futon Bed

Futon is a familiar item in many Western family now, like other common furniture such as sofa or bed. And, as almost forms of furniture, futon come in a wide range of shapes and styles that you may not know all. In general, in the futon frame there is an automatic locking mechanism which is […]

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How To Use A Futon

As you may know, futons are actually traditional Japanese furniture and recently become popular in Western countries because of their amazing flexibility and convenience. In Japanese, “futon” means mattress. Eastern people usually place it directly on the floor for sleeping, then fold it up and store away when they don’t need it so that they […]

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