Bedding debuts in Dallas Englander Co will display its mattresses

Englander Co. will display its mattresses at the Summer Home Furnishings Market in Dallas, TX, beginning Jul 11, 1992. The manufacturer was previously represented by its licensee in the show's National Bedding Center. Value-added features are expected to be the focus of the show, especially mid-priced innerspring and flotation beds with extra features and high-contour beds in all price ranges. A summary of each manufacturer's offerings is presented.

Bedding manufacturers at the Summer Home furnishings Market, which opens July 11, will have a new neighbor in the National Bedding Center on the 13th floor when Englander moves into its showroom.

The showroom, previously occupied by the company's licensee, is now decorated with Englander's neon signs and filled with Country Comfort beds. 

The licensee, which also manufactures beds and full size futon mattresses under the Posture Beauty label, has moved those beds to an adjacent room.

While Springwall will show its products across the street at the Quality Inn for this market, it is negotiating to move into the Market Center by January.

At the bedding center's debut in January, luxury products and full size futon mattresses occupy the priority of the show. And at this market, buyers can purchase: * high-contour beds in a range of price points * innerspring and flotation beds with extra features at moderate prices * rebates, prize drawings and gift-with-purchase promotions.

"We're really homing in on the value-added features because the consumers still want to spend a significant amount of money. They are just being more exhausted of their efforts to research products," said Greg Greenway, interim sales manager for Somma. "You're seeing pillow-tops and more attractive models at a brighter price point."

Tom Wendorf, vice president and national sales manager for Restonic, noted, "We've taken a higher-priced model with a better specification and taken it down in price. We're taking a lower margin."

Bedding debuts in Dallas

New products and promotions at the market will include the following:

Englander: Englander will show its American Spirit Bed, which will be marketed through November with a free set of sheets that match the bed's red, white and blue ticking. The bed retails at $399 for a full size futon mattress. The company will also feature the Country Comfort Collection's Illusion bed, which has a foam-submersed innerspring and a $599 retail price.

King Koil: King Koil will offer discounts of up to $100 on Posture Bond products, which retail from $499 for a full size futon mattress. The company will offer $25 discount on premium Posture Bond beds, $50 on super premium and $100 on ultra-premium. The promotion will run from Aug. 29 through Sept. 23 and will be supported with TV commercials and an ad in Good Housekeeping. Here is tips for full size futon mattress information

Kingsdown: Kingsdown is reintroducing its "No Cost, No Risk" program that lets dealers who are willing to give up retail floor space try out beds for six months without an upfront investment. The company's "Fly Away" sweepstakes, offering a pair of tickets on American Airlines, will also be available nationally for the first time.

Restonic: With the introduction of the Presidential Marvelous Middle, Restonic will offer its premium flagship name on a promotional bed in the $499 to $599 price range. The promotional bed, which will be available through October, will be covered in a bronze-colored polyester knit.

Serta: Throughout the Perfect Sleeper line, which retails from $499 for a full size futon mattress, Serta will offer more comfort choices. The company will also launch its fall television campaign, which will include "significantly more" commercials than last year, according to the company. The company will continue to feature its Discover America promotion offering a pair of free airline tickets to customers when they buy Perfect Sleeper beds and stay in a selected hotel for one week.

Simmons: Simmons’s $499 Beautyrest bed--the lowest price ever for this label--will be shown along with two extra-thick Beautyrest beds, the $599 Classic and the $699 Royalty. As a limited promotion, the company is offering pillow-tops at $499, $599 and $699. The Flavors collection for kids (tickings include a dinosaur pattern) will be offered from $149 to $299. The company will also show the Beautyrest Explorer shallow-fill flotation series, which retails from $399, along with higher-end flotation beds.

Somma: With the introduction of the Supreme waterbed and the Passion airbed, products priced at $799, Somma aims to offer more features at moderate price points. The Supreme bed, a pillow-top, includes features for added support, such as foam-filled cylinders and a molded polyethylene tray. The Passion airbed has a pump control that is designed to operate silently.

Spring Air: Spring Air will feature its limited-edition Presidential Back Supporter beds, which will be marketed through November with a free edition of the World Book of America's Presidents, a two-volume set. The Back Supporter Conforma Presidential Supreme, retails from $599 and the Back Supporter Conforma Presidential Executive a pillow top, retails from $699.

Springwall: Springwall will offer the premium Chiropratic label on a $499 bed, a new low price for the flagship brand. The company will feature three promotional Posture Guard beds at $299, $379 and $449. The company's Chiropractic Natural bed, a high-contour, cotton-covered pillow top with a low-profile innerspring, will retail from $1,499.

Therapedic: With the introduction of the Laser, a $499 bed, Therapedic will offer its triple border rod on a promotional innerspring unit. The company will also feature the Odyssey, a upgrade from the Laser with a retail price of about $900 and the Fantasia, the top-of-the-line bed, which retails at $1,200.

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