6 Best Twin Mattress & Buying Guide 2019

A good night's sleep is essential to everyone; small children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Most persons spend just as much time sleeping as they do working. Your twin mattress must come up to scratch to ensure more restful, comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.

Studies show a good night’s sleep will help improve mental clarity and reduce stress levels. Choosing the right mattress will also help protect pressure points like the neck, back and spinal column for adequate support while you sleep.

Despite the many choices available, our buyers’ guide will help you choose the best twin mattress for your unique needs. In our reviews, we will expose you to twin mattresses that are highly recommended for sturdiness, durability, and comfort.

The mattresses we will showcase are ideal sleeping solutions for small kids, and guests. They will also provide additional sleeping for campers, dorm rooms, and apartments.

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Who Benefits Most From Using A Best Twin Mattress?

A twin mattress is the smallest bed in a group of regular bed sizes. They usually measure a little over six feet long, and up to three feet wide or more. While they are usually cheaper than other beds, they are limited in space, size and who it can accommodate.

Who benefits most?

A twin mattress is big enough to sleep one person, or an adult and one child. Since twin beds fit better in smaller bedroom spaces, they are ideal for kid’s rooms, dorm rooms, guest rooms and apartments. They also fit well in campers and even boats.

Based on these factors, twin mattresses are perfect for toddlers, small children, and even some pre-teens. They are also suitable for single adult sleepers, guests, and college students.


A twin bed is a good starter bed for children, since they utilize little space, and can last until they transition to teen years. Toddlers and small kids tend to move a lot during sleep, and a twin mattress is ideal for them to sleep comfortably.

Single adults and guests

There may be times when, depending on comfort or stress levels, some adults may opt to sleep alone. A twin mattress is a good choice for such persons to help them get more restful and uninterrupted sleep.

Guests can also benefit from utilizing a twin bed since it’s suitable for short stay accommodation and may hold up better with less use. They tend to take up little space and are ideal for smaller rooms in the house.

Teenagers and College Students

A twin mattress can serve well in a dorm room or teen bedroom. Since they measure a little over six feet long, they can comfortably sleep persons who are six feet tall. It is ideal for growing teens if you can’t afford a larger, more expensive bed.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Best Twin Mattress

While there are many options available, selecting the twin size mattress will depend on some factors. Among these are who will be using the bed, your comfort level, health challenges, space, and environmental issues.

Who will occupy the bed?

Your first consideration would be who will occupy your twin mattress. Twin mattresses offer good sleep support and options for some individuals.

For guests, a college student, a single sleeper, perhaps an older adult or even a teenager, the twin mattress may be your best option. 

Your twin mattress will fit well in smaller rooms, take up little space and still offer a measure of comfort and support to the user. They are compact and can also serve as bunk bed options for smaller children. 


The correct firmness of your bed may be the single most important factor when choosing a twin mattress. Your mattress must not be too soft or too hard, but be adequate to support your weight and body contour.

Most twin mattresses can hold body weights well over 250 pounds.  However, firmness will also depend on your comfort levels and sleeping positions. For heavier builds, a spring coil mattress may provide enough sturdiness and help prevent sagging or sinking.

Comfort and Longevity

When buying the best twin mattress for your kids, choose one that is sturdy enough to grow with your child. You need a bed that will last hopefully until your kid transitions to a bigger bed in the teen years.

Since smaller kids tend to be lightweight, a soft mattress may be ideal. However, kids turn often during sleep, so the mattress must not be too soft or too firm while offering good support.

For teenagers, however, their growth rate will dictate other considerations.  Some teens grow faster than others and may need an extra-large twin mattress to accommodate taller heights.

A medium-firm mattress is also a better option for teens.  It will help provide more comfort and help reduce stress levels during sleep.

Edge support

Twin beds are traditionally a little more than 3 feet wide with very little edge support. Most parents like to cuddle and spend extra time with kids to help them settle before sleep. In this regard, adequate edge space on a twin mattress for adults makes all the difference.

When choosing the perfect twin mattress, a foam bed may have shorter edges or may sink or fold easily with adult weight. If you opt for foam, a high-density mattress with good layer support may be your best bet.

Spring coil mattresses tend to be bulkier due to the inner coil design. These may offer more overall support.

Environmental factors

Any mattress you choose should offer the best possible protection against environmental risks and allergy sensitivity. Dust, dust mites, bugs, air irritants, chemicals VOCs, fire, and other harmful substances can interrupt sleep and affect your health.

Choose a twin bed that certified against fire, allergens, chemicals, odors, and other health risks. The mattress layers and cover must also allow air to flow freely to keep your cool and comfortable during sleep.

Sleep support

Comfort, pressure point support and temperature are considerations that affect sleep. Pain, fatigue, and other sleep issues may also wear you down and reduce the amount of sleep you get. Therefore, sleep support is therefore significant if you are to benefit from a good rest.

Your twin mattress should offer the best support possible to cushion your head, neck shoulders, and spine.  Your mattress may sag under your weight if it is too soft. Alternatively, if it’s too firm, it may force your body out of its natural alignment.

Whether you opt for memory foam or spring coils, it’s important to test your mattress out before you buy it. Lie on it in all sleep positions and bounce on it a few times to test its firmness and overall resilience.

Foam mattresses

Twin foam mattresses are a good choice for persons who suffer from ongoing tiredness or muscle aches and pains.

High-density foam mattresses offer good support since they mold to the body’s shape to ensure more comfort.

When you turn during sleep, the memory foam will help reduce pressure on areas like your head, spine, and shoulders. Foam mattresses also help reduce movement when your partner turns during the night.

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses also provide good sleep support through layers of steel coils. Other materials like dense foam, polyurethane and latex fabrics help complement the coil base for added comfort. They are usually very comfortable and may offer a bit more support for heavier body weights.


The twin size mattress will also help balance your body temperature to ensure a cool, comfortable rest.  Some mattresses also help reduce sweating and allow more air to circulate for greater breathability.

Gel-infused mattresses can also help enhance and regulate heat during hot and cold weather when needed. They are available in both spring coil and foam based mattresses. 

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Best Twin Mattress Comparison Chart







Linenspa 8-Inch Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid

CertiPUR-US Certified, Consistent support of a conventional spring mattress, Perfect for guest beds, kids rooms, or a reasonable low-profile option.



Best Price Mattress 10- Inch Memory Foam Twin Mattress

Charcoal Infused Memory Foam, Provides amazing comfort, No pressure points, 10-year warranty.



Signature Sleep Contour Encased Coil 8-Inch Twin

480 15-Guage 7-Inch Steel Coils Reversible Mattress, High density foam along with premium comfort, CertiPUR-US certified foam.



Zinus Memory Foam 6-Inch Green Tea Twin Mattress

Castor Seed Oil & Green Tea Infused Extract, high-density base support along with firm comfort level, CertiPUR - US Certified intended for durability.



Modway Aveline 6-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam

Gel-Infused, Open-Cell Memory Foam, Certi-PUR-Us Approved Foam, Seven Inches thick polyurethane foam base, Quality mattress with affordable price.


Reviews of the 5 Best Twin Mattress 2019:

#1. Linenspa 8” Memory Foam Innerspring Hybrid Twin Mattress

best rated twin mattress

                Via: Amazon.com


  • Thickness: 8 inches
  • Number of Layers: 3
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Cover Material: Fire-resistant quilted rayon/polyester
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Extra Features: CertPUR-US certified, Compressed for boxed shipping
  • Overall Rating: 9.8

Tradition complements modern innovation in the Linenspa Hybrid Twin Mattress. The mattress is a combination of comfort, memory foam and steel spring coil technology. It is firm enough for support, yet soft enough for comfort.

The memory foam design gives the bed a soft look, but medium-firm feel. It is ideal for guests, children’s bunk beds, dorm rooms, campers, and apartments.

The twin mattress is super comfy, with a quilted, cushy knit fabric cover. The dimensions are 75x39x8 and can support the body weight of up to 280 pounds. It is easy to set up and can rest on most surfaces including metal grids, box springs, platforms, slats or other adjustable bed bases.

The Linenspa has layers of memory and comfort foam which conform to the body’s natural shape. It helps support critical pressure points and evenly distributes your body weight for extra comfort and more restful sleep.

The Linenspa is a worthwhile consideration when choosing the best twin mattress. It is compact, sturdy, comfortable and affordable.

The high-quality design incorporates layers of support with 6-inch steel coils. The coils and springs help keep the mattress sturdy and durable throughout its lifespan. There’s also another layer of 1.5 inches of comfort foam embedded in the quilt cover that lends extra support to the steel layer.

The coils stay in place with body movement, and the springs are quiet, with even, flexible bounce. The spring layer also helps maintain the breathability of the mattress. The mattress fabric is safe, anti-inflammatory and does not have any harmful materials or odors.

To help maintain the integrity of the mattress, we recommend turning the mattress in the opposite direction at regular intervals. It will reduce dips in the bedding for a more evenly centered mattress over time.


  • Affordable and attractive
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to set up
  • Provides great support


  • The mattress is too short
  • The memory foam layer is
  • Too dense

#2. Best Price Mattress 10 inch Memory Foam Twin Mattress

best twin mattress reviews

               Via: Amazon.com


  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Materials: Memory foam
  • Number of Layers: 3
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Cover Material: Polyester
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Extra features: Versatile layers of firmness, support, and comfort, including charcoal infused memory foam.
  • Overall Rating: 9.6

The Best Price 10 inch Memory Foam Twin Mattress is a good option when deciding on the best twin mattress for your needs. The memory foam design includes suspension technology which helps reduce the impact of sinking in the mattress when you move.

Also, the mattress has multi-faceted layers of protection to help you in three main areas:

  • The first layer – It has 3 inches of memory foam, infused with charcoal for breathability and hygiene.
  • The second layer- Two inches of super soft pressure relief technology which provides extra support to the back and joints.
  • The third layer- Five inches of high-density foam design minimizes sagging, especially when sleeping with another individual.

Apart from adults, the Best Price Mattress may also prove to be the finest twin mattress for your children. It evenly distributes your body weight and helps reduce stress in delicate areas when you switch sleeping positions.

It is easy to set up and provides adequate sleeping comfort and restfulness, no matter which side you sleep on. What is special about this mattress is the ability to conform to your body’s natural heat and shape for more even, comfortable rest.

The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and consists of fire-proof fiberglass inner lining. It measures 41x17x10 inches. Another feature is the Pressure Relief system which helps support areas like your hips, shoulders, and back while you sleep.

The Best Price Mattress is value for money and could be the most excellent twin mattress you will ever buy. It delivers an excellent balance between soft and firm density to help reduce back pain and promote more comfortable sleep.

It gives lots of support without feeling too soft, and it hardly sinks, even with another individual in the bed.  It will support persons of at least 250 pounds in body weight.


  • Good support for pressure points
  • Fire-resistant material           
  • Good blend of firmness and comfort
  • Highly durable
  • Competitive price
  • Quality design


  • Mild odor when setting up
  • Fiberglass sheds easily
  • May hold heat while sleeping

#3. Signature Sleep Contour Encased Coil 8 inch Mattress, Twin

best firm twin mattress

                          Via: Amazon.com


  • Thickness: 8 inches
  • Number of Layers: 3
  • Materials: High-density foam and steel coils
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Cover Materials: Breathable jacquard knit polyester
  • Extra Features: Reversible mattress, with 480 7- inch, 15-gauge steel coils
  • Overall Rating: 9.5

The Signature Sleep Contour is ideal if you experience back pain since it provides extra comfort by relieving pressure while you sleep. It is also a good transition bed for growing children. When choosing the best twin size mattress, the Signature Sleep Contour provides an affordable, comfortable, high-performing sleeping option.

The mattress features 480 15-gauge, separately covered steel coils for a highly durable, sturdy, sleep supporting system. Also, there is a 1.5 inches layer of high-density foam at the top and bottom of the mattress for extra comfort.

As if that were not enough, the mattress is reversible for another dimension to its overall durability. Users can flip it over on either side to even it out and help minimize wear and tear.

The cover design is a pliant, breathable knit material which complements surfaces such as box springs, platforms, trundle and day beds.

Also, the breathable fabric also keeps you cool and reduces friction for more restful sleep. It also protects the mattress from other indoor emissions and irritants.

The mattress foam is flame-resistant, low in VOCs and free of chemicals like lead, mercury, heavy metals, and formaldehyde. The mattress easily conforms to your body’s natural contours and evenly distributes your body weight while reducing pressure along critical areas.

The memory foam helps reduce motion transfer when more than one person is occupying the bed. You can sleep comfortably on any side for a more relaxed, rejuvenating rest. 

The mattress dimensions measure 75x39x8 inches, and it’s a simple set-up.  The layers include an adjustable, insulator filling which offers enhanced comfort and overall sleep support. It complements the high-density top and bottom foam layers for a sturdier, more durable mattress.

If you are looking for resilience, even bounce, and durability, the Signature 8-inch Reversible Mattress may be the one for you. 


  • Very firm mattress
  • Comfortable and affordable
  • Easy to set up


  • Slight odor
  • Heavy mattress

#4. Zinus Memory Foam 6 inch Green Tea Twin Mattress

best twin mattress for kids

                      Via: Amazon.com      


  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Materials: Memory foam and high-density support foam
  • Layers: 2
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Cover Material: Polyester knit jacquard fabric
  • Warranty: 10 Years- Limited
  • Extra Features: Green tea infusion extract with castor seed oil
  • Overall Rating: 9.4

Recently science recognizes the amazing benefits of green tea on health, but could you imagine your mattress infused with green tea?

The Zinus Memory Foam twin mattress embraces the calming, cleansing power of green tea to help you get the best rest possible.

For the twin mattress around, Zinus offered natural castor seed oil and infused green tea extract that helps suppress odor and bacteria. These natural compounds also keep the mattress fresher for longer periods.

The outer cover has composition polyester fabric and knitted jacquard. It is breathable and helps maintain even temperatures while you sleep. The mattress design technology also helps promote restfulness by improving comfort levels and reducing pressure along the back, neck, and spine.

The layers of the mattress also help enhance the overall comfort and support levels while you sleep. The mattress cover contains no harmful chemicals or irritants.

One layer features a 1-inch memory foam and another offers 5 inches of high-density base foam. The layers offer more stability and maintain good comfort while you turn during the night.

The memory foam helps increase air-flow and breathability and helps keep the mattress cool. It is the ideal mattress for small children and teens. Although the top layer feels soft, it offers a good balance of comfort and firmness at the same time.   

There’s also CertiPUR-US certified stability. It also adapts to your body’s natural shape to provide comfort and needed support. These unique features promote greater performance, comfort, and durability. The dimensions of the mattress are 39x75x6 inches.   


  • Highly durable           
  • Reasonably priced
  • Breathable and odor- free
  • Offers good support


  • May be hot sometimes
  • slightly thick mattress

#5. Modway Aveline, 6 inch Gel, Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress

best twin mattress for adults

                    Via: Amazon.com


  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Materials: Gel-infused polyurethane memory fame
  • Number of Layers: 2
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Cover Material: Removable stretch knit fabric
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Extra Features: Gel-infused, open-cell memory foam and Certi-PURUS approval
  • Overall Rating: 9.3

Rated as the best twin size mattress in its class, the Modway Aveline may seem small in size, but big on quality, comfort, and support. It offers a good blend of affordability, ergonomic design and temperature control technology. The measurements are 75x39x6 inches.

The Aveline is arguably the greatest twin mattress for smaller children who frequently turn during sleep. It offers significant support to the neck, shoulders, head, and spine.

There are to main layers. One comprises 3 inches of gel-infused foam and the second, includes 7 inches of dense polyurethane foam base. The layers of memory foam adapt easily to your body shape, weight and sleep position for hours of comfort and support.

The durability of the mattress is further enhanced with gel-infused memory foam on the top layer. The gel-infusion helps distribute body heat for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. It helps reduce perspiration and balances room temperature in hotter climates.

It also features open-cell technology which allows greater airflow and breathability for restful sleep. The mattress is Certi-PUR US approved, flame-resistant, low in VOC, and free from harmful irritants and chemicals.

As a contender for best twin mattress available, it delivers a degree of softness and is firm enough for overall comfort and support. The ergonomic design of the mattress also helps improve spine alignment as you sleep.

As a bonus, the memory foam mattress also helps reduce the incidence of motion transfer, when another person turns during sleep. The sturdiness keeps the mattress from dipping with regular movement.

The mattress cover is a removable stretch knit diamond pattern. It is easy to clean and maintain and can fit on a regular box or spring base.


  • Supports various body weights
  • Keeps cool during sleep
  • Ergonomic design for spinal support
  • Very comfortable
  • Affordable


  • Mattress is too firm
  • Corners are too short

To Conclude

Sleep is essential if we are to function at our maximum, whether at work, home, school or play. Numerous studies show the relationship between good sleep and overall health.

A good night’s sleep lets you wake up refreshed and motivated to tackle the new day ahead. Good sleep depends on good bed support and overall comfort.

Twin mattresses provide some sleep options for small children, single adults, teens, guests, dormitories, apartments, and even campers. They usually measure up to six feet long and three feet wide and can come in spring coil or foam base varieties.

They are compact and are ideal for smaller spaces in the home, apartment or dorm room. This best twin mattress review will provide a good combination of adequate support for pressure points like the head, neck, shoulders, and spine. It should also provide adequate comfortable when turning or moving during sleep. 

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