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Ski season is around the corner, so that I went shopping for a fresh fleece vest and a king size futon mattress. I feel that a rush of pride once I look at the labels on fleece products which state made from 100% recycled PET. I understand when I visit these tags the recycling process was finished and I've played a little role in making this happen. I marvel that something really tender, hot and fine can be drawn up from our drink bottles. Thinsulate (created by 3M Company), Polartec (from Malden Mills), also Ecospun (from Wellman, Inc.) all might comprise around 100-percent content that is overburdened.

Growing of plastics recycling


Plastics --RPET have made enormous strides. Based on NAPCOR (the National Association for Plastic Container Recovery), over 745 million lbs of RPET were utilized in 1998. In its Purchasing Guide for Recycled PET Plastic Products (accessible at, NAPCOR lists over a hundred businesses which use recycled PET within their own production processes. Textile and associated producers dominate the record, however they comprise a wide selection of merchandise along with fleece clothes, like other clothing, blankets, upholstery cloths, rugs, pillows, king size futon mattress, soft bag, hospital dressings, plus even more. RPET may likewise be seen in plastic sheets and films, automobile components and workplace furniture, simply to mention a couple more end uses.

The American Plastics Council (APC) accounts that companies using reclaimed post-consumer alloys have shrunk since 1990, in over 1,700 (learn about them in

Dedicate to RPET Solutions

Beverage firms have exceptional opportunities to get products produced out of RPET, particularly in 3 areas: clothing, office goods, landscaping and building.

As a corporate or facility supervisor, you are able to perform a role in finishing the PET recycling process by recommending a solid "buy-recycled" coverage for your own company. I would like to indicate a brainstorming session--together with executives and buying decision-makers to research what RPET products you'll be able to buy --will get you began or reinforce an present program. 

We had just such a semester in the National Soft Drink Association (NSDA). We discovered heaps of competitively priced goods which are made out of RPET which bottlers and production centers utilize every day, such as carpeting, air filters, brushes and brooms, to list a couple. We also discovered some goods which we'd love to see produced from RPET, particularly signage and point-of-purchase shows.

One thought we heard that I enjoyed was pajamas or a kind size futon mattress made of RPET. I believe a shipping driver's top made out of RPET using an elegant recycling emblem on the cuff could be an announcement, a picture enhancer and also a conversation piece for any drink firm.

As soon as you've identified exactly what products that you use that include RPET, be certain everyone involved with buying knows that you simply prefer recycled-content merchandise. To create decision-making simpler at all levels, it is often beneficial to have a written policy stating that your intentions. Let your clients know about your coverage, also. A powerful buy-recycled coverage that's publicized increases your profile with customers.

Some businesses let providers know they favor recycled-content products if they're priced slightly higher, by 10 percentage.

Ultimately, create a commitment to reassess your purchase recycled program yearly. America Recycles Day rolls around each November 15, inviting consumers to purchase goods such as king size futon mattresses made with recycled content. Perhaps the best way you may celebrate America Recycles Day will be to ensure it is the day that you enlarge your very own buy-recycled program.

Writer E. Gifford Stack is currently vice president of environmental issues to the National Soft Drink Association (Washington, DC), along with also a nationally recognized recycling pro.

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