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Could the futon be used as a regular bed?

Could the futon be used as a regular bed? This is a question you may ask when you are looking for a bedding item like futon. There is a big misconception that only college students or guests use futon. In fact, futon are for everyone with every features, prices and functions. To answer the title […]

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How To Maintain Your Futon Frame Correctly

A high-quality futon can be used for years, and no one want to throw it away because of some small malfunctions. Therefore, it is essential for you to know how to maintain your futon frame correctly so that it can serves you as long as possible. Maintenance is not such a hard and time-wasting mission […]

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Why Should You Choose Futon Mattress?

In the past, when people had a thought about futon, they thought about an inexpensive replacement of a bed which was only used by unaffordable people such as workers or students. But this opinion is no longer true these days. As you may see, the futon mattress market is very bustle because more and more […]

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