Could the futon be used as a regular bed?

Could the futon be used as a regular bed? This is a question you may ask when you are looking for a bedding item like futon. There is a big misconception that only college students or guests use futon. In fact, futon are for everyone with every features, prices and functions. To answer the title question, the answer is yes, as long as your futon is high-quality and comfortable enough.


Futon is a bedding style of Japanese for a long time but just becomes popular in Western countries, particularly in United States in about 3 decades. Traditionally a futon consists of two parts, a thin futon mattress and tatami mats. However now its mattresses are made from various kinds of mattresses outside. People purchase futon almost because it can help them save space, especially with the small room.

In the city, there are plenty of people that live in small apartment and its area is limited so it is difficult to equip both sofa and bed. The futon is an extraordinary option for this kind of living space. Since the presentation of the affordable metal futon frame is not over $200, there has been a major misguided judgment by the overall population over the quality and solace of futons.

The metal frame futon is produced using empty tubular braces and the futon mattress that comes along is loaded down with reused material filaments, or destroyed yarn blended in with some cotton. These mattress are overwhelming, uneven and turned out to be extremely hard after a period of time.

This makes many people to have a bad thought about futon. Thus, a few people surmise that a sofa bed is a superior alternative over a futon. However, may you not know, the sofa bed cannot offer as comfortable as the futon mattress.


Getting back to the title question, “Could the futon be used as a regular bed?” The appropriate response is yes. Futons are intended to be utilized as an ordinary bed; however the topic of solace, quality and life span ought to be thought about.

Futon mattresses can be sorted by the materials they are made from, such as cotton, memory foam or innerspring. It is highly recommended that you should choose a thick futon mattress because the thicker the mattress is, the more supportive it provides.

All cotton is the simple kind of futon that you may find at any futon store, 4”, 6” or 8” all cotton futon is some futons people will purchase.

Cotton and foam is the next category of futon. It is the combination between layers off cotton and foam. Generally almost these kind of mattresses is available in 8” thick with 2 layers of 1-inch slabs of foam in the middle of the cotton layer. With 2 layers of foam and one layer of cotton, it helps to prevent the cotton from moving.

According to many customers, the more foam the mattress has, the better it is. It is ideal to have about 4 to 6 inches of memory foam in the middle of the mattress if you have a back pain or ache because it offers more support.

The third kind of futon mattress you should keep in mind is memory foam. It is reported to match up with almost futon frames. Generally, each memory foam futon mattress includes about 1 to 3 inches of visco-elastic memory foam and multi layers of high density foam on the surface. Because of its materials, this mattress is very flexible and dense.

If you place it on the frame, it may offer an even surface and align well with frame’s shape. It is also easier for you to fold and unfold your futon frequently for cleaning and rotating, for example.


Next is innerspring futon mattresses. This kind of mattresses is somehow strange in the bedding market. The coils system has function to uphold your body so you will not feel the hard surface. It is the ideal choice for people who are used to sleep on regular mattress then now change to futon.

However, it still has some drawbacks that you should keep in mind. Firstly, innerspring futon mattress is heavier than almost types of futon mattress, so it is hard for routinely maintenance. Moreover, if you usually use it as a sofa, the coils may be damaged quickly because the pressure is not evenly distributed. It should be used primarily as a sleeping item.

Last but not least, another kind of futon mattress is density foam futon mattress. This material does not get as packed like cotton and ought to hold its strength for a long period of time. Not the same as cotton futon mattress, that kind of mattress has boxed edge outskirt which keeps the futon from leveling after years.

The thickness of foam is higher than the normal mattress extending from 1.8-2.2 thickness. These mattresses can be utilized as an essential quaint little inn hold their shape for a long time.

Futon mattresses have significantly developed and can likewise be a more reasonable arrangement than a portion of the expensive regular mattresses available in the market. With respect to regular utilize, the futon is perfect for anyone to sit and sleep.

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