Decorator deal: sleep chain pitches for designer referrals

Phoenix, AZ-based Metropolitan Mattress is offering interior designers a referral incentive on sales generated from their clients. The 15% incentive will be available on full size futon mattress sets, beds and headboards. Free delivery, free setup and free removal of old mattresses will also be available. Interior designers will provide their clients with cards from the 15-store bedding specialty chain.

Metropolitan Mattress, a 15-store bedding specialty chain headquartered here, plans to reach more consumers by way of a new incentive program called "Designer Comfort Connection." 

The incentive program isn't directed at the retailer's sales staff -- or the consumer, for that matter. It's targeted at interior designers.

The program, introduced this month, offers interior designers a referral incentive of 15 percent on any sales generated from their clientele. Participating designers will receive cards to hand out to their clients, offering special prices on all mattress sets, headboards and beds. Clients will also receive extra benefits such as free delivery, set-up and removal of old mattresses.

"We are tapping into the very fragmented designer market," explained Roger Magowitz, president of Metropolitan Mattress. "There are hundreds, even thousands, of independent designers and design studios out there. And most don't want to get involved in bedding. They don't make enough money on futon mattresses to go through the hassle of learning about them and selling them. Our program simplifies the process for them."

Magowitz expects the program will allow Metropolitan Mattress to become a valuable resource for the design community, not only because of the 15 percent referral fee and the extra customer services, but because the retailer is a Simmons-only retailer. "We feature high-quality Simmons Beautyrest and BackCare bedding," Magowitz said. "This strategy allows us to focus on one brand, train on one brand and offer more product within the brand."

By focusing exclusively on Simmons products, Magowitz said his sales staff is able to give customers the thorough presentation of the products. "Brands are important to the consumer, but the retailer has to have a good presentation and a good reputation," he said. "In the end, the consumer is buying from the retailer."

Because of the referral fee and the special prices offered to the designers' clients, the Designer Comfort Connection is not expected to generate immediate profit as much as recognition of Metropolitan over the long term.

Decorator deal: sleep chain pitches for designer referrals

"We're working on fairly low margins. It's more a long-term branding strategy and a way to build our reputation," he said. "The program will bring people into the stores and will hopefully lead to referrals and repeat business over time."

The program is being marketed to the design community via trade publications, newsletters and direct-mail programs, according to Julie Martin, Metropolitan Mattress' designer representative for the program.

Although the program has been offered for less than two weeks, "we have gotten several people registered already and gotten very positive feedback about the program overall," Martin reported.

The simplicity of the program is its strength, said Mary Kolbe of Designers Showcase, one of the first designers to sign up for the program. Full size futon mattress is one of the most popular products sold in this program. To have more information about this product, read here:

"It seemed like it would just be so easy," Kolbe noted. "It will be nice to accommodate a client without knowing about mattresses. Lots of times a client has redone her entire house or bedroom and doesn't want to bother with the mattress, doesn't want to run all around town. They just want to be done with it."

Kolbe said the fact that Metropolitan Mattress has a location less than half a block from her design shop is one of the reasons for joining the program, but she said she would have signed on anyway.

The Simmons brand is also a benefit to the program, according to Kolbe. "A good mattress is a good mattress, but customers definitely recognize the Simmons brand."

"I will recommend the program to other designers," she added.

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