Dial-A-Mattress will begin a six-month test advertising

Dial-A-Mattress will begin a six-month test advertising to the LGBT niche markets in Nov 1994. The company has contracted with the Mulryan/Nash advertising agency to create print ads and advertising spots on a weekly Chicago, IL, gay radio program. Dial-A-Mattress believes that the homosexual market has been ignored for too long and finds that the demographics of the market are encouraging. The company next plans to target the divorcee market.

Gay and lesbian consumers are the target of an advertising campaign by bedding and twin size futon mattress telemarketer Dial-A-Mattress, which officially kicks off next month.

The ads an industry milestone will be featured in Out, a glossy gay magazine. They feature a cartoon of a male couple standing on a bed, accompanied by headlines that read, "A king for every queen," or "We support more than your back." A drawing of the Dial-A-Mattress delivery truck reveals that--surprise--a woman is driving.

"We wanted to show gays and lesbians that Dial-A-Mattress knows them as people and customers," explained director of marketing Daniel Flamberg. "It's taken some time, but we've recognized this as a niche market which requires a separate creative approach and media strategy, the same way we have recognized the Hispanic market and deaf market."

Created by New York-based advertising agency Mulryan/Nash, a company which specializes in gay market communications, the print ads are only one phase of the campaign. In addition, Dial-A-Mattress is advertising in Chicago during a weekly gay radio program on WCBR-FM.

Dial-A-Mattress is one of many companies now recognizing that the homosexual market has for too long been avoided as a demographic group. For example, national automobile maker Saab Cars USA Inc., the importer of Saab luxury cars from Sweden, will also advertise for the first time to the homosexual population in the November issues of two gay publications, Out and Genre.

The idea to pursue the homosexual market, said Flamberg, was conceived about eight months ago for a variety of reasons.

"The demographics are unbelievable," emphasized Flamberg. "The average gay person in America has an income of $20,000 more than the per capita income in this country. They have plenty of discretionary income."

Several other factors were also responsible for Dial-A-Mattress embracing this alternative market, continued Flamberg. "For us it is simple. The homosexual population overlaps all of the major markets we represent--New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. It is a perfect fit in terms of our distribution. Also, no one else in the industry is doing this. Retailers tend to shun controversy. We wanted to take the high road and be the first to address this market." Find out more helpful information about twin size futon mattress

Dial-A-Mattress will begin a six-month test advertising

Flamberg said the company plans to give the new campaign a six-month trial at which time the results will be evaluated. However, he noted, the response has already been favorable in Chicago, where there has been a slight increase in calls. "If the gay community responds, we will increase our advertising," commented Flamberg.

The timing, he added, is ideal for pursuing this niche market. "Because there are not a lot of people advertising in this market and because the gay media is eager to attract mainstream advertisers, there are great deals to be had," he said.

Rex Briggs, project director for research company Yankelovich Partners, based in Norwalk, Conn., said that a recent study completed by the organization found that an estimated 6 percent of the American population are homosexual.

"This is definitely a market that many more marketers will be analyzing," Briggs noted. "This segment of the population has clear needs. The gay community wants to be respected for who they are and they want to be communicated to directly."

The next niche market for Dial-A-Mattress--divorcees. "We are desperately trying to find a way to reach out to this market," concluded Flamberg.

Dial-A-Mattress is the nation's leading bedding telemarketing company with annual revenues of $40 million.

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