Different Types Of Futon Mattresses

Whichever purpose you plan to do with your futon mattress, you have better consider one thing before purchasing one: there are different types of futon mattresses, each type has its own characteristics and fit certain use.

Memory Foam Futon Mattress

Memory foam futon mattress is the standard of all futon mattress types in the bedding industry. These days, memory foam futon mattress becomes more and more popular all over the world, and a lot of people are interested in this type of mattress because of the good quality it provides.

According to customers’ reviews on online site, foam mattress offers adequate level of support and comfort to the body while sleeping on. It is even considered as the most comfortable type of futon mattresses available on the market. In comparison with other types, foam mattress also has the longer lifespan, so the price is somehow more expensive.

On the other hand, there is one thing you should keep in mind that not all memory foam futon mattresses are made of high quality materials, it is necessary to have a look at what it is made of before making a decision.

Innerspring Futon Mattresses

Innerspring futon mattress is no longer a strange type of futon mattress with all of us today. It is made of a system of metal coils and cover with layers of quilted cloth, in order to make sure that consumers sleeping on it will feel both firm and comfortable.

The price range of this type is more reasonable than the memory foam, but not as cheap as other types. In addition, it provides comfortable feeling for sleeping and a lot of people are used it for every night’s sleep.

However, innerspring futon mattress has some disadvantages that consumers should take into considerations. The first thing is the weight of it, it is quite heavy so folding or moving it around can be difficult.

Wool-filled Futon Mattresses

It is quite hard to find the wool-filled futon mattresses on the market since manufacturers rarely make them. However, this rarity brings something exquisite to the mattress industry. As you may know, wool is a soft material and it is also warmer in compared to other types of futon mattresses.

Since wool keeps heat much better so it is the reason why it is an ideal option for the cold season.

Cotton Futon Mattresses

If your budget is tight, cotton futon mattress may an excellent option. Since this type of mattress is lightweight and compact, people may find it easy to fold it up and out. But, it is not as solid as innerspring or memory foam futon mattresses. Cotton mattress is usually firm, quite similar with original Japanese one which is placed directly on the ground by Japanese.

Beside the good sides, cotton futon mattresses also have some drawbacks that people should know before purchasing. First of all, you cannot expect this type of mattress to provide the same quality as other types, in the level of firmness and so on. Secondly, people laying down on cotton mattress will not get as much support to the body as on spring or foam futon mattress. Since the major material used to produce cotton futon mattresses is cotton, it wears out more quickly too.

Foam & Polyester Futon Mattresses

Not only using one main material in manufacturing futon mattress, currently manufacturers also combine many types of materials to produce it, in order to improve one or more features. Foam & polyester futon mattress is an example. This type of futon mattress tends to last longer in comparison with other types. It is reported to offer medium level of firmness since the polyester is used in the top layer and because there is not cotton in material list, it is softer too. Furthermore, it is compact and lightweight, so routinely maintenance is no longer a difficult challenge.

Foam/Cotton Hybrid Futon Mattresses

Cotton is firm while foam is soft, then the futon mattress combines both cotton and foam can be the best combination in many ways. It not only provides supportive and comfortable feeling but also lasts long as well.

But, in the rank of futon mattress types, it is only in the middle because in the price aspect, it is not as cheap as cotton futon mattress, in the quality aspect, it is not as comfortable as memory foam.

Innerspring Coil Mattresses

The last type of futon mattress that we would like to introduce you today is innerspring coil futon mattress. This type of mattress includes innerspring coils inside, which is the same with the conventional mattresses.

Comfort is an outstanding feature of this mattress. Sleeping on it, you are sure that you can be comfortable during sleeping and wake up with refresh and relax mind in the morning. The system of coils adds additional support to the human’s body, absorbs the pressure caused by the body weight and allow you to have a nice sleep.

Final Words

Futon mattresses are common pieces of furniture in our daily lives that we can used as a bed and a couch, and save space for your small apartment.

Beside, before purchasing a futon mattress, you need to keep in mind that there are different types of futon mattresses and you can choose the best one for your home.

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