In flight ads among new twists in mattresses & futon

Serta Inc. will begin advertising its mattresses on United Airlines Inc.'s domestic flights to introduce its futon mattresses. The ads will appear on ABC World News Tonight broadcasts and make up a portion of the $3.5 million which Serta will spend on 3rd quarter of 1993 advertising. The 30-second in-flight ads will begin on Aug 2, 1993 and they will end on Sep 30, 1993. Serta has also designated television programs like Murphy Brown, Designing Women and a Barbara Walters special to run the ads.

DALLAS--Mattress commercials on in-flight television programs, a pillow-top bed that flips from a wool to a silk sleeping surface, and an innerspring unit with a foam-reinforced midsection and border were among the featured products and promotions at the Dallas Summer Home Furnishings Market.

Serta, which is taking its "We Make the World's Best Futon Mattress" campaign to new heights, will air its first in-flight commercials in September. The commercials will be broadcasted on ABC World News Tonight during United Airlines' domestic flights.

Steve Tipton, vice president of marketing, said the in-flight commercials, part of the company's $3.5 million third quarter advertising effort, will add a "new creative twist to our programming." Tipton described the affluent, heavily male airline audience as "a high-profile niche area where we can have impact."

Ed Scott, executive vice president of sales for Serta, noted, "It will be an experiment for us. Most futon mattress advertising is skewed toward women. Airline traffic isn't."

The third quarter television campaign will run from Aug. 2 through the end of September and will also target a female audience with commercials on network programs such as Murphy Brown, Designing Women and a Barbara Walters special.

The 30-second spots, which feature nature scenes and a "poem" read by actor Armand Assante, will also be shown on the new David Letterman show, Nightline, 20/20 and Primetime Live.

Spring Air test-marketed its Four Seasons Back Supporter bed, which features a wool-filled pillow-top on one side and a polyester and silk-filled blend pillow-top on the other.

The high-profile bed, which is designed to provide a warm sleeping surface for cool weather and a cooler sleeping surface for warm weather, is priced to retail from $1,699. The mattress which was developed at the company's Los Angeles plant in the past and is now available in the Dallas and San Francisco areas.

In flight ads among new twists in mattresses & futon

The company also featured its three-bed Kid's Club bedding line, which is designed to get consumers to buy better quality beds for children. The beds, which include good, better and best models, featured tickings in colorful prints designed to appeal to kids.

"The idea is not to sell junk beds to kids and to make them in interesting colorations and patterns that appeal to kids. It's designed to help the retailer trade up," said Don Pellegrini, president and chief executive of Spring Air, the best futon mattress can be used as a seat

The beds include a smooth top bed with a playground print priced to retail from $240 per twin set; a quilted bed with a zoo print priced for $280; and a plusher bed with a surfer print priced from $319. The beds are being marketed with gift-with-purchase items that include a Velcro dart board and growth chart posters.

Bassett Bedding unveiled a prototype of a posturized innerspring unit that features coils reinforced with zig-zag shaped foam inserts in its mid-section and borders.

The company, which displayed a cutaway of the new unit, plans to feature it in ultra-premium Dream Maker beds at the High Point market in October.

The unit has a mid-section with horizontal strips of foam formed to fit inside the turns in the bed's coils. The foam-reinforced design is somewhat similar in design to the one used in Restonic's Marvelous Middle beds.

Bassett's bed also features foam reinforcements in two rows of coils around the bed's border. The inserts are designed to add an extra five inches of support for sitting or sleeping on the edge of the bed.

King Koil introduced its second Snooze Brothers Commercial, a Blues Brothers spoof. The beginning, middle and end of the commercial feature a dealers' customized information, such as price points.

Paul Sullivan, national sales manager for King Koil, noted, "It's not just image advertising with a dealer tag--it's a totally customized package. It switches it to a 50-50 proposition. It's your store's commercial."

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