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Fully charged: innovating in mattress design, Simmons Bedding Co. plans to continue creating new products

Simmons Bedding Co. understands that having a good night sleep is invaluable and also trust in a proven brand may give customers peace of mind. So with this in mind, it's continuing its product creation and expanding its licensing efforts. "We're working on research new classes with our manufacturers and running a study to check at new stations which could possibly be applicable," Manager of International Accreditation Todd Merker declares.

One of the goods Simmons currently permits for the very top of its beds include accessories, cushions and twin size futon mattress toppers and mattress pads, protections, encasements and accessories. The business also permits upholstered furniture such as couches, chairs, recliners and Hide-A-Beds[R]. The business also lets twin size futon mattresses, airbeds, crib beds, blankets and young-related furniture, foam health care futon mattresses.

One of the flagship brands of Simmons, Beautyrest[R], along with its own motto are getting particular attention. "The label, 'Living Life Entirely [R],'''lends itself into new classes," Merker indicates. "We're taking a look at expanding licensing categories that we've traditionally never accredited."

Together with Westin Hotels, Simmons co-brands an exceptional luxury twin size futon mattress that's called the Heavenly Bed[R]. "We provide mattresses to 18 among the biggest 20 resort chains in the nation," Merker declares.

Simmons produces its mattresses in 20 factories from the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada. The business has 11 licensees from the USA and three in Canada. Additionally, it includes 26 international licensees and sub-licensees. Simmons' branded goods are distributed in over a hundred nations around the globe.

Renewing Licenses

National permit agreements are generally for 3 to five decades. Merker quotes approximately 60% are renewed. "Traditionally, in the event the licensee is a good-performing licensee and adheres to our own manufacturer and quality criteria, we'll negotiate a renewal," Merker states. "Long-term partnerships have been shown to be the ideal car for creating our manufacturers. These partners are usually great stewards for our manufacturers and we reap the advantages of this."

Frequently a possession change with a licensee induces an alteration in its relationship with Simmons. "We've assignment rights within our arrangements; therefore the acquiring company must experience an official proposal process so as to continue to conduct business together." Merker notes. "We don't automatically give the acquiring company that permit. If this procedure proves effective, the acquiring company has been given the permit. If we decide that the new owner isn't the ideal match, Simmons could look for out another producer."


Simmons needs a high amount of innovation from the licensees. "As a major innovator in the mattress group, we also search for businesses which can bring innovation to the table and also have a reputation for top quality goods in the market," Merker states. "Quality and security are the first two items we consider in regard to manufacturers we deliver onboard, followed closely by bringing new products into the table. We would like to be certain they are a solid, stable business and have a fantastic history of producing quality solutions." To get more information about bedding industry.

A fantastic illustration Merker cites is Delta Children's Products. A number of Delta's executives have been all now members of ASTM International security committees and task teams which help the Consumer Product Safety Commission with setting security standards for cribs and crib mattress. Delta Enterprises was among Simmons' leading licensees for 10 or more decades, making blankets, juvenile furniture, bassinets and scooters below the Simmons brand. Three years ago, crib mattresses were accredited to Delta.

Innovation Success

For the long run, Simmons is continuing with its record of innovation with introducing goods with cutting-edge technologies. "In 1925we devised the distinctive separate Pocketed Coil[R] spring layout that shaped (and proceeds to shape) based on this Beautyrest[R] mattress," Merker claims. "Simmons has been the very first from the mattress group to present the queen as well as the twin size futon mattresses into the business. We're continuously looking at new technologies which we are able to be the very first in our market to reach market"

A good illustration of this technology being released this season is your ComforPedic IQ[TM] mattress which utilizes self-adjusting Smart Response Technology. This technology enables the mattress to automatically calibrate into the consumer's body weight and place around the mattress.

Simmons has lately improved its marketing spending. "In 2012 our marketing tried to attain a billion consumers’ opinions," Merker claims. "That is how many times customers see Simmons advertisements, while on TV, at the electronic area or in print press. Back in 2013, we reached two billion customers. In 2014, we're aiming to reach billion."

That sum of exposure can help to build the organization's brands and fortify its own licensing picture. "Advertising our manufacturers and building consciousness levels pushes the customer back in the shop asking for our products by name," Merker claims. "This can help ensure the Simmons has been outperforming its rivals as it failed in 2013.”

Delta Enterprise

Simmons' history of supplying heirloom-quality furniture started in 1891. In 2006, Simmons Kids furniture turned into a part of Delta Enterprise and crib mattresses finished on the portfolio at 2011. For over 40 years, families have been reliable Delta since the pioneers in product security and Delta is pleased to participate in the Simmons family and heritage of grade. Now, Delta's dedicated groups work hard to innovate and establish high standards for your production procedure to distinguish the Simmons Kids brand.

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