Futon maker plugs into electrostatic finishing system

Futons are portable kinds of mattress and customers’ demand has led Sun Tui, a futon and queen size futon mattress maker, to target for affordable production prices. Environmental concern has caused the usage of this electrostatic method for waterborne step. The machine is made up of conveyor, spray activation pc, photo-sensitive mild drape, water spray guns, electrostatic bells, plus a Sunkiss toaster. The use of this system has contributed to higher transport efficiency, significantly less overspray and diminished volatile chemical emissions.

Complete Text: Sun Tui combines solid finishes using electrostatic spray gear to remain 1 step ahead of fresh air regulations while decreasing completing stuff prices.

Like most wood products producers nowadays, Sun Tui, a futon frame and queen size futon mattress maker located in St. Paul, Minn., has looked for methods to strike a balance between decreasing emissions in its own finishing department with preserving product quality and a decent manufacturing speed.

Owner Dan Weiss stated he believes one answer lies at the concluding line which his firm installed about one year ago. Sun Tui's program joins an automatic electrostatic spray lineup using waterborne finishes. The first benefits, although not 100 percent over the cash 100% of their moment, have been much more inviting than not and therefore are becoming better all of the time,'' Weiss explained.

Steve Bohnenstingle, that heads the completing application, stated Sun Tui has been find out more about controlling the machine through fast-track trial and error. "We are learning more each afternoon," Bohnenstingle explained. "You must remember there aren't very many wood-working stores utilizing electrostatic. It is an entirely new ballgame. But I am quite confident it will work out"

From the Start

The way to best complete futon frames onto a manufacturing basis wasn't a thought when Weiss started his company making upholstered seat cushions 10 decades back. He picked the title Sun Tui (perceptible Sun To), which means that the tender and tender by the I-Ching, ''a book of ancient Chinese wisdom. 

Weiss, who was able to sell furniture in a retail shop, said he made a decision to start fabricating futon cushions since he also saw that the prospect of enlarging the current marketplace, also, "the caliber of that which was available was blended."

"Futons are a portable, versatile kind of bedding. You are able to roll this up from the wall or keep it in a cupboard," Weiss stated. "You may even place a futon onto a framework so it doubles as a sofa along with a fold-out bed"

Weiss spent his first five years of performance establishing a client base for a queen size futon mattress. "At that moment, the majority of the eyeglasses my clients were purchasing were erased from the Far East," Weiss stated. "I had one enormous catalog client that needed a one-stop resource for frames and cushions."

Five decades back, Weiss cautioned his client's desire by opening an individual plant roughly five minutes in the pillow factory to fabricate wood futon frames. Ever since that time, the timber plant has enlarged three occasions; Sun Tui's annual sales are approximately $8 million and increasing. It is customer base comprises Sears, Spiegel, Pier One and IKEA. Weiss intends to locate a new place to deliver the 2 parts of this organization together under a single roof.

Quality or bust

Weiss stated among his firm's latest discoveries was "hooking up" using Swedish-based furniture giant IKEA. "IKEA went into the Minnesota board of financial growth searching for a producer to create some proprietary eyeglasses for them. The cost had to be more aggressive with Europeans and other North American manufacturers. And, needless to say, the quality needed to be there, also.

"To keep up a long-term relationship with IKEA, a firm must acquire ISO 9000 certificate," Weiss explained, speaking to a voluntary excellent assurance program instituted from the European-based International Standards Institute. "We are just starting the application procedure. It is a good deal of paperwork but I think that it's going to be worth the effort"

IKEA's quality criteria dovetail nicely with Weiss's own production doctrine. "I decided early on that when we are going to perform it all, we are likely to get it done," Weiss stated. "In certain ways this company sounds to be an infinite financial investment. We are always buying new gear to enhance ourselves. What we would like to be is that really a fantastic companion for our clients, our employees and the environment"

For accent, Weiss pointed into some Timesavers wide belt sander where painted components are pre-sanded to get rid of cross grain scratches before finishing. "I began the timber plant using a minimum investment. I spent money in my new Timesavers sander than that I spent all my first equipment."

A billed up system

Before installing the grid, Sun Tui employed conventional air spray equipment with water-based lacquers to complete its own frames. The business produces some 24 frame fashions, with largely aspen, birch, walnut, several basswood and pine for IKEA's eyeglasses.

"I decided from the beginning that we'd use waterborne finishes due to my value system also since I think this is the way the business is headed," Weiss stated. "Waterborne is much more challenging to utilize. We do get any grain increasing but that's been lessened since switching into the electrostatic system"

The electrostatic system has been put online from Binks Manufacturing and is made up of a conveyor, a spray computer plus a photo-sensitive mild drape, water spray guns, electrostatic bells, plus a Sunkiss toaster. Bohnenstingle explained the performance as follows:

1) Frame components are hung on overhead skates. The conveyor has been grounded to the construction so it has a neutral cost. The pins are filtered sterile to keep them from taking to a fee.

2) The conveyor transfers the components via a light drape. As every frame moves through the light curtain, the picture detectors gauge the framework's width and length. This information has been conveyed to the personal computer, which knows when and for how much time to trigger the spray gun causes and electrostatic bells.

3) A fine mist is sprayed on every side of the framework to generate the surface more pliable. "The warm water is atomized so it won't soak into the wood," Bohnenstingle stated, adding, "The water needs to be sprayed since timber to 8% moisture content is a bad conductor."

4) The framework then moves between 2 collections of whistles, thickly positioned on both sides of the framework. The bells place a negative credit on clear lacquer provided by Sherwin-Williams. Acting just like a magnet, even the water-wet eyeglasses bring the negatively charged end. The substance not just coats the framework part confronting the bells, but it really wraps around the borders.

5) The coated framework then passes the Sunkiss infrared oven which cures the end in 140F to 150F.

6) The treated parts are coated to remove any grain increasing and the procedure is repeated another time.

Bohnenstingle stated, "The greatest suggestion was getting a very consistent and even program of plain water. You obtain a milder buildup of paint in which there's more water. We are doing more experimentation with all the water software. It is definitely getting better"

"We knew that it would not be simple," Weiss stated. "There is a lot included, like obtaining the water firearms and bells put up in the ideal angles and appropriate spacing. We are still learning; we are still tweaking the machine."

System benefits

Among the most apparent advantages of all Sun Tui's concluding system is its own ecological effect. Hardly any odor is found from the computer system. The blend of higher transport efficiency, meaning less overspray, and waterborne finishes constitutes to lower volatile organic chemical emissions.

"We have improved our transport efficiency by 30 to 35% over the traditional technology we substituted," Bohnenstingle explained. "We have also made it simpler to hang larger parts to complete and therefore so are reducing reworking of components. The quality was outstanding. In the very long term, we will be far ahead."


Sun Tui uses a workcell doctrine for all its machining operations.

By way of instance, three operators have been assigned to function as a group with three Vitap Alpha 27 dull machines bought from Atlantic Machinery which are grouped together because a mobile. Every one of those 27-spindle Vitaps is installed differently to reach a particular boring pattern necessary for a specified part.

"The very first operator may take an arm bit and drill a couple of dimensions of holes that hardware could be inserted into join the arm to the framework," explained Dan Wahlstrom, plant director. "The very first operator moves his drilled component into the next operator, whose duty is to drill dowel holes seat the arm shirt into the armrest framework. Operator two afterward hands on the component to operator who exercises extra hardware holes"

Since the 3 machines will be the exact identical version, they function drilling in precisely exactly the exact identical rate, Wahlstrom said. Therefore, the production speed of this workcell is proportional to the rate of the proprietor. "Since they're working together daily, a fantastic work ethic bonds and develops them as a staff. Nobody would like to be the man or woman who's slowing everybody else ," he stated, adding, "The outcome signal has been outstanding and has the quality since the machines actually maintain their tolerances."

Wahlstrom explained that the drilling workcell might process a finished arm gathering at a speed of around 200 mph. When all the 3 machines is used individually to drill complicated workpieces, manufacturing can strategy 600 components per hour, '' he added.

Advantages of the workcell.

Wahlstrom said the principal benefits of group machines is that there is less time spent parts for new setups as well as the workcells save floor area.

Dan Weiss, Sun Tui president rattled off several additional advantages of this workcell idea. "It controls the substance handling steps involving machines. Secondly, quality management is better since every part is completely inspected before moving into another cell. The second mobile station is the client of the former cell. If they're not delighted with the standard of a component sent to them, then they will send it right back into where it came out.

"The workcell notion interests me personally," Weiss added. "People appear to react to it. For this to function, the mobile must be a staff or it'll serve to the worker's speed."

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