Growing 150 year old firm plans to leave Queensgate

A 150 year-old mattress manufacturer will move to Cincinnati and is in need of nearly 200 employers on it into Evendale, in which it's constructing an enlarged, $10-million mill.

Adam Wuest Inc., making full size futon mattresses and box springs to get giant Serta Mattress Co., will move out of Gest Street from Queensgate into the Evendale Business Park a year later.

David Deye, president of Adam Wuest, will not say the number of Serta full size futon mattresses and box springs will be made in the new, 195,000-square-foot headquarters and manufacturing facility, however did state production will considerably increase.

Serta is a global cooperative of bedding makers that works independently as Adam Wuest. The business moved into some former McAlpin's distribution center on Gest Street from Queensgate in an old Evans Street construction, in addition in Queensgate, in 1990. After 10 years in its present speech, Serta felt more loaded than among its trademark merchandise, the pillow-top White Clover, also an attractive offering, $2,000 full size futon mattress and box spring.

Serta Has sought a new center for many years and worked extensively with the town of Cincinnati on choices. Cincinnati has lost out to many recent expansions, large name companies like National Underwriter Co. and International Marketing Technologies, because of a sagging land stock.


"This is the greatest investment that the organization's made. It places us in a place to double our enterprise," explained Deye. He declined to show annual earnings or profits in the privately owned company, sold last year into some Linden, NJ., firm, Sleepmaster LLC.

Tremendous Growth throughout the past several decades and expected future earnings fueled the movement, '' stated Deye. The plant will start late in 2001.

"The Prevalence of this Serta brand, approval of the organization's luxury bedding and full size futon mattress supplies and increased merchant alliances are now driving the rise of the company," Deye explained.

"The government of Cincinnati was quite supportive and competitive at trying to keep our enterprise. They simply didn't have a choice to introduce a big enough package for us, at a place which has been okay," Deye explained.

"Our first choice was to remain as near this (Queensgate) as you can, because of the partners that operate here. We had 14 to 15 yards, and there is simply not that big a package for us to build a building," Deye explained.

If tax incentives are accepted by Hamilton County, Al Neyer Inc. will create, design and construct the Evendale center, which Serta will rent for an interval of 10 years.

"We chose Neyer to their visitors and their quality standing," Deye explained.

Deye And also Neyer officials cautioned that a last agreement hasn't yet been signed up with Evendale or even Hamilton County, an essential measure in the movement and growth procedure that involved hope to finish shortly. Deye stated a few details are still being hammered out, but he fully intends to transfer his workforce between 180 to 195 employees to the Evendale website.

The Serta job at Evendale Business Park, 1 mile east of Interstate 75 in the Glendale Milford Road departure, completes the 140 Creek growth five years later Al Neyer purchased the property.

"This job is important," explained Tom Torbeck, manager of industrial growth in ANI. "The business is carrying the previous parcel in a growth that has been more effective than we could foresee."

Since its beginning in 1995, ANI has developed KDM Screen Printing, CDC Distributors, RPC Physical, ABS Business Products as well as many others in Evendale Business Park. Evendale spent $2.7 million in infrastructure and property acquisition costs to enhance the Medallion Drive website, which links Glendale Milford Road and Sharon Road.

"We recognized the necessity to buffer the reduction of two big companies," explained Linda Fitzgerald, an economic development consultant for Evendale.

Deye said that the new plant will initially apply just 170, but if the tax incentives have been accepted, Serta will include 15 new employees annually.

"This will be completely state of the art material handling and gathering operation which will allow us to boost our efficiency and ensure it is a much healthier office. It is more ergonomically appropriate, innovative production," he explained.

"We looked around a long time, also Evendale was among the closest tests to meet our standards. We assessed several other places that are appealing, However, the blend of this Evendale along with Hamilton County aid package is Making Evendale that our No. 1 option. Cincinnati was quite careful to our situation. They attracted every source they were able to" Deye explained.

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