Guide to removing stains on cushion pillow Blankets

Today, we are pleased to guide you, the intimate client of the free world buffer Some simple cleaning tips, easy to make housewives.

5 tips to clean stains on most effective pillow blankets

– For Stains is café

Clean the stain because the café is most difficult, when you notice that you pour the café onto the blanket. Use a clean towel and permeate the surface of the coffee-seat pillow station. Then use a little bleach for powder-to-surface clothes and soak in a few minutes and wash it clean.

With stains that have passed quite a long day, then soak up the product in 5 tablespoons of white salt and wash again.

With a special type of café you can use egg yolks and dissolve with warm water then the tea on the surface and wash them back.


– For stains are tea

With this type of stain, welding the back is the most effective remedy. Dissolve 15g Welding The in about 1 liter of warm water and take hands to rub into the dirty sticky, take a wet towel to wipe. This is very effective how you can apply now and always!

-Oil stains, feeding

Use a paper to saturate the surface, then sprinkle the flour up to suck the cooking oil completely

Then use the vacuum cleaner to suck all the flour and get cleansers as the water wash bowls to the towel and wipe it.

Repeated until no longer sees grease stains.

– Keep the pillow peel, less dirty, padded blankets

Whichever way you do, you can not prevent pillow cover, dirty cushion, but can use a few tips to restrict gold stains.

First, make use of vinegar with oxygen juice (a dense form of old oxygen water) to soak the pillow mattress when washing. Since chlorine bleach is not good for cloth, as well as affects the user health. Also, remember to always wash with warm water.

Secondly, please ignore the fabric softener, water discharge chemical fabric. These chemicals are mainly coated with a very thin wax layer on the surface of a cloth. While the fabric helps the cloth to be softer, they will retain the type of dead cells on the skin, hair.


– Dry Blood stains

The most effective way to do the following:

Use the old oxygen water into the bloodstream and wait until it is out of the foam, use dry towel.

When the blood stain is fading, give some water to wash as the water washes into the stain area and brush up the surface. Finally take exposure or drying the wet area.

Hope our share over here will help you in the process of using and preserving the mattress products of a durable and clean family.

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