How do I get a good night’s sleep?

The reason you can't sleep enough is due to a kind of "epidemic" disease that you may be having. The Center for American Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched a report that Americans are stuck in the symptoms of "translating" insomnia.

 There are nearly 8 out of 10 Americans who say that they will feel better and ready for the new day if they are sleeping extra though just one hour. The extra sleep in this morning seems to be impossible because you are forced out of bed and going to do, but in fact, there are the secrets so that you can sleep longer in 40 times of a glance.

Turning enough sleep dreams into reality an 8-noise quality, as usual, is an integral part of human life. Put your sleep in the right time to the list of things to do and plan it in the same way as you schedule an essential date. Simplicity is like this. You will be late for a meeting if you keep your eyes on the television, right?


With the sleep, if you have "an appointment" with rest, you must also correct hours. Please maintain a proper timetable for bedtime and waking up, thereby turning it into a routine living activity. You can also stimulate sleep habits promptly by bathing water, reading or listening to a gentle melody.

The problem is also in mattress sheets how to get a good night's sleep? One of the most important factors deciding how long you'll sleep in the bed. Mattresses and pillows must be perfect enough for the quality of sleep.

Both your bed and body will change over time (both are old), so you should not use a mattress for more than seven years, replace the new mattress immediately. A too old mattress will not be able to bring a good night's sleep. Instead, the main bed is the key to opening up the right nights for you. Pillows are also similar, and you should be a pillow every year for the best-used spine and neck.

Get up now, don't you have to hesitate before the alarm bells, don't want to get up right away, but want a little extra eye; This is going to hurt you more than doing it for you. Let's give up right this bad habit and set the alarm at the exact time you need to wake up. If you can't get rid of this habit, try to limit the number of times you continue to sleep after there's a maximum of bells. This is when you need a correction.

 Trying to relax and set a different hour's alarm in the morning only makes you sleep less than not more. It breaks your quiet sleep, and you really will not get any benefits from the little extra minute rest there.

Dietary mode What you eat, drink what and at any time affect your sleep. Try to complete your dinner before going to bed from 2 to 3 hours, because that is when the body is ready to rest. You can drink a little wine early in the evening instead of just before bedtime so that the stomach has time to digest them.

 Let's only drink coffee in the morning, and you can be flexible in trying other drinks in the afternoon and evening because caffeine can stay in the stomach longer than you think and interrupt your sleep.

Exercise brings good sleep to exercise will help your body be more willing to sleep, even if you stroll at a long time every night will be perfect for blood circulation from which help improve sleep. Remember, the best exercises are too heavy to complete before going to bed for two hours because your body needs time to drop loose.

Unbelievably beneficial from noon sleep can hamper you get good sleep in the evening, but on the villa when you get around 10 to 30 minutes at noon will help you sleep more, regain energy for the evening and don't interrupt the central sleep. Only 10 minutes of lunch can help you awake to work for two and a half hours, and if you are at noon properly, you will receive great benefits such as the carefree spirit and head of the mind within 4 hours. 

The most critical night sleep is relaxed


How do I get a good night's sleep? The truth is if your bedroom is not a comfortable and relaxing place, you won't want to spend a lot of time there. Adjust your bedroom so that you are dark enough, quiet, serene and cozy. Another critical factor in the comfort level of the master bedroom is the bed, so make sure your mattress is large enough so that you can move freely, new enough to not be aching and comfortable enough to support sound sleep.

The same couple lay on a double mattress but too small will not be suitable for both periods of rest. The couple should sleep on queen bed or king size bed.

Let's "banish" every worry and sleep if you take the stress of work and daily life up against the bed, and you will rest not tasty. Take the tension over one side, don't bring the material, the phone and don't even let the brain to think about the job when you've entered the bedroom. Take control of the worries and bare by watching it just a troubling article.

Write all the concerns on the paper page and slowly tackle them the next day instead of taking them to bed with you every evening. Turn off all electronic devices that open televisions, telephones, tablet, laptop... The bedroom will make you harder to sleep. Light from the electronic device stimulates the brain wakes you up while you are trying to sleep. You should put these devices in another room and use a simple alarm clock instead of your phone.

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