How Does A Futon Work ?

Many of you may hear about futon and some may use it in the daily life. It is more and more popular due to its amazing benefits. However, do you really know how does a futon work? In this article, we are pleased to show you the basic knowledge about futon you should know before getting one for yourself and your family. Let’s check it out now!


As you may know, futon is a common furniture in any modern family these days, you no longer feel strange with a convertible item which can works as both a couch and a bed. The general futon usually includes three main parts: the futon mattress, the futon frame and the futon cover. On the market, futon mattress is various in both types, designs and materials.

The most popular materials the manufacturers use to make mattress are cotton, memory foam, innerspring and polyester blend. On the other hand, the futon frame is only made of two main materials, metal or wood. The cover has an important function of protecting the mattress from outside factors such as dirt, dust, water and so on.

It is also the item taking part in the décor of the room since you can customize it toward your hobby. Purchasing a futon can be fun since you can design one for yourself by choosing which mattress, which frame and which cover you tend to use for your new futon in your living space.


Like any furniture out there, futons come in a plenty of types for you to choose, such as bi-fold futon, tri-fold futon and the click clack futon. So do you know how does a futon work? We will show you now. Each type of futon has its own way of working. Among various futon types, bi-fold is considered as one of the most common ones. With this type of futon, if you want to have a seat, you just simply fold the futon mattress in half and the couch is ready.

Or in case you would like to put the futon in a flat position, let the mattress pull down the back and now you can sleep on it. The tri-fold futon is similar with the bi-fold one, but it can be folded up into 3 three pieces of cushion instead of two. This type of futon is an ideal option for a small apartment or dorm room. If you want it to be a bed, just pull it down so that three parts are in the flat position.

To convert into a couch, fold it up and you are ready to have a sit soon. Some tri-fold futons include a mechanism to help the consumers to fold the mattress up or out conveniently. Last but not least, the click clack futon is also the most convenient futon which comes with an adjustable mechanism.


Since the futon is compact and versatile, you can put it in any room of your house. If you plan to use the futon in your living room, it is recommended to choose one with thick futon mattress so that you can seat on it all day long without any discomfort. In addition, choose a wood frame and a nice-appearance cover as well to ensure the futon to have a high quality and great look.

To convert this futon into a bed, you just need to move it away from the wall and pull down the back. In case the guestroom is where you choose to put your futon in, it is a great idea too because it takes up less space than a normal bed.


In this article we have presented you the basic information about futon, especially how does a futon work. We hope that, after reading the whole one, you can get the right one for yourself soon. If you have any comment or idea, do not hesitate to let us know soon. Good luck!

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