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Futon mattresses are generally becoming popular each passing second. The rate at which it is purchased the days is taking its toll on the price. It is a normal phenomenon for prices of goods in high demand to go up. The price of the futon mattress depends on its level of quality. Making a choice here would be based on your discretion. But the question is how much does a futon cost?


Exactly How Much Does a Futon Mattress Cost?

There are a lot of futons on the market that you satisfy your specific needs. These numerous amounts of futons come in different forms that would meet your budget. Don’t worry about the price, so you do not need to ask how much does a futon cost. In a lot of cases, you can spend a mediocre amount on a futon mattress.

Other times, you might wonder if the futon is worth the exorbitant price tag it has. There have been situations where some users purchased as little as $250+ for a 6 inches mattress and a metal frame. Others have reported spending over $1,000 on a memory foam mattress with a decorative cover and a fine hardwood frame.

There are also a lot of mid-priced futons that you can buy. These are the common ones, and you can find them in many homes. These mid-priced futons are common because they can last for years without experiencing much wear.

Most people in the lower-class and mid-class often opt-in for materials that are durable and affordable. This mid-grade futon is ideal for this purpose. It is no surprise if the question running through your mind is how much does a futon cost? For a mid-priced futon, you should have about $500 to $700 in your budget. The reason for this price range is because a lot of factors can affect your purchase. 

These factors are complicated because there are a lot of choices to make regarding frame, mattress, and cover. Frames vary, as metal frames cost lesser than wooden frames. The covers vary based on the material used, the design, and the brand that makes it. Mixing up all your preferences would cause the total price of all them together to spike up. Just bear in mind that you would not spend more than $700 but more than $500.

There are several types of futon mattresses, and they all vary in price. One of the factors that can affect the price of the futon mattress is the customization of its appearance. Customization of the appearance of the mattress would cost you a certain amount of money. However, there is more to customization than you think.

Did you know you can customize how the futon mattress would feel? There is no limit to what you can do with customization. All you need to do is send them the specs and info of your choice. They would produce exactly what you want, but at the price range, you can afford.

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You might have thought customization has a specific price. The question of how much does a futon cost? Customization of the futon mattress is a very great investment, but you have a lot to consider before even making a purchase.

Factors to Consider Buying a Futon Mattress

No matter whom you ask how much does a futon mattress cost? The price has no relevance till you know what you want to use the mattress for.

- How much do you intend using this futon mattress: the frequency of use would determine the kind of futon you would buy. If all you need is a mattress for a week of camping, wasting $1,000+ on a futon mattress is exactly a waste of money.

A cheaper one; such as the low-priced mattress, would serve this purpose very well. Do you intend using the futon mattress every day? On a weekend basis? Or even once in a year? Answer these questions, and you would get a clearer picture of the right one to buy.

- Where do you intend using the futon: use of the futon matters, but the location is something else. You would prefer buying a better-looking futon mattress for your bedroom than for a guest room. The same goes for other parts of your home, your office, etc.

- Who is going to use the futon: if you know who is going to use the futon, then you are on your way to buying the right thing. A 500-pound man can never use the same futon mattress as a 5-year-old girl.


These three factors determine how much your futon would cost. If you put the three factors in place, it would ensure that you make the right decisions. Buying a cheap futon means you would have to consider the cost of regular replacement. Maybe this has answered your question how much does a futon cost?

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