How Much Weight Can A Futon Hold

You are going to purchase a new futon for an extra bed in your home for occasion when your friends come over and stay overnight, or as an alternative of a normal bed when your current one is not available. On the market, there are a wide range of futons in term of styles, sizes and materials for you to select, but you have to take into consideration one thing: How much weight can a futon hold?

From our point of view, we see that almost people don’t pay too much attention to this question as they do about the level of comfort or the futon style. However, if someone is going to use a futon, it is the first factor that they should care about. For example, an overweight person sleeping on the futon can make it damage since it excesses the limitation of weight. The problem becomes more crucial if there are two people sleeping on it. So, it is important to find out the answer whether the futon is able to handle your weight or not. Let’s check out our article below to know!

Japanese futon style

As you may know, futon originates from Japan and people usually place it on the floor to sleep. These futons are filled with all-natural cotton so it is quite comfortable while sleeping. With this traditional kind of futon, there is no appearance of frame or other support structures. It means, there is no limitation of weight and it can hold a lot of people. However, it has a disadvantage that since the dimension of the futon is quite small, people need to have a consideration about the number of people sleeping on it.

All the weight on the surface of the futon mattress will be reflected on the mattress, but in this case, the mattress is only a thin layer between the floor and the sleeper. Therefore, it is not really suitable for one who is overweight since he can feel like there is no cushion at all.

How Much Weight Can A Futon Hold

Standard bi-fold and klik klak futon style

Almost common futons these days includes a frame to support sleepers above. Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable futon mattress for your home, you also need to get the right frame too. While choosing the frame, to know how much weight can a futon hold, the material of this frame is a key factor you should pay attention to.

In general, futon mattress frame is made of metal or wood materials. While metal frames are more affordable, they are not as rigid and strong as the wooden ones. Especially, it may be an issue when you have a metal frame and it starts to sag. It will easily lose its shape if you put too heavy item on it. In comparison to it, wooden frame may be a better choice since it distributes the weight more equally and limit the ability of movement. When it comes to wooden frame, there are two main options for you: softwood and hardwood.

This futon mattress style when being folded out will become a full size futon mattress with the dimension of 54-inch width and 75-inch length. With this size, standard bi-fold and klik klak futon style can hold a weight up to 400 pound in total with the metal one and 600 pounds with the wooden one, makes this become one of the futon style which can hold the heaviest of sleeper on it without worrying the futon to lose its shape.

Queen size futon style

How much weight can a futon hold, particularly a queen size futon? If you have a partner and would like to have a futon mattress to sleep on, the queen size with extra width can give you enough space to sleep comfortably so you no longer need to spoon or cuddle. This futon mattress is also made of the same materials like the full size ones, but with the larger dimension and the higher limitation of weight. 600 pounds is the normal standard of many queen size futons but with the high-quality one, this number can be up to 750 without any problem.

Futon bunk bed style

This style of futon is becoming more and more popular these days since it is a convenient furniture in small apartment, college dorm or studio room where two or more people share a living space and the owners have a desire of saving space. In this case, if you ask how much weight can a futon hold, the weight limitation is still 600 pounds.

Since futon bunk bed style is a little higher with the top bunk and the smaller dimension, it cannot bear too much heavy, about 150 pounds for the common metal frames and 200 for the wooden ones. With this weight limit, it is suitable for an average adult or children to use this futon.

The final words

Not many people care how much weight can a futon hold but it is an important issue they need to pay attention to while choosing one for their home. Futon is not only a place for you to sleep on but it also bear your weight too. Over the weight limit can lead to the damage of the frame and also the whole futon. So, you have better keep in mind such knowledge.

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