How To Choose A Futon Mattress – Guide & Frequent Question

These days, futons are going to be more and more popular due to such amazing benefits. People can use them as a bed, a sofa or both, based on your needs and wants. Depending on the purpose, people choose the style they need.

how to choose best futon

There are somethings you should keep in mind when choosing the best futon. Below are detailed step-to-step guideline:

   1. One of the most outstanding features of futon is space-saving. Using futon can help you make your room look more spacious, so it is essential to measure the available area for your futon on your current apartment. This work aims to ensure that the futon perfectly fits with your room and decide how it lies, completely on the floor or lean into the walls.

   2. Material is the second factor you need to pay attention to when looking for a futon. There are two main kinds of futon frames that you may see: metal and wood futon frame. Basic metal frames are usually affordable and good for college dorm room. Wooden ones are a little bit more expensive, but looks more elegant. Therefore, depending on the design of your room, your existed furniture and particularly your budget, you consider the best one.

   3. Bi-fold and lounger frame are the common types of futon frames. With a lounger, you can fold it twice and take advantage of the mattress’s width as a couch. Meanwhile, a bi-fold futon can be folded once only and the length of the futon mattress can be used as a couch. This helps to get more space in small room. Remember, cheap frames may have a nice look at first but later it may be hard to operate.

   4. People are recommended to choose a futon mattress according to some factors, such as thickness and level of comfort it provides. Generally, cheap futon mattresses are too thin and may cause back pain sometimes. Thicker mattress, on the other hand, provides more support but you will find it more difficult to fold and unfold.

It may be more expensive as well. Furthermore, take into consideration on which materials the futon mattress is made of, synthetic or natural, to give the final decision. Cotton, combination of cotton and foam, innerspring, memory foam or even wool are some common materials manufacturers use to produce.

- If you look for a light futon mattress, then cotton or combination of cotton and foam futon mattresses can be a great choice. It hardly sags over time.

- If you want your futon mattress to last long, try memory foam. However, keep in mind that at some first uses, it may release unpleasant odor.

- Combination of wool and cotton futon mattress is ideal for one who would like super soft experience. This kind of mattress also need more careful maintenance than the others.

- Innerspring futon mattress includes system of coils placed in the middle of foam and cotton layers. It is favored by its flexibility. In the contrast, it weighs heavier than the remains.

   5. Buy additional bedding items such as covers, protectors, pillows, etc in order to protect your futon from harmful factors.

For your benefit, we offer extraordinary arrangements on futon sets that accompany a futon frame, a futon mattress, an additional accessories such as covers and pillows. So currently if you want how to choose the best futon, there are three main things you have better pay attention: futon frame, futon mattress and futon cover.

Almost futon frames consist of 2 parts: futon body and arms – which are not always necessary. Under any circumstance, the first thing you need to select is kind of futon body you need based on your use and your room space as well.

Futon body

In general, all the futons are divided into two main categories of futon bodies: bi-fold and lounger. There are two body panels, they are sitting cushion and backrest cushion. Ottoman is also offered by some futon manufacturers as an additional option.

Lounger futons are also called space-savers or loveseat since they provide an extra part of lounge which can be folded into the futon frame. This kind is an ideal choice for people who want to maximize their living space in limited area, such as small room, studio apartment, home office and so on.

how to choose futon mattress

Both two kinds of futon bodies are flexible and easy to fold up & transfer to bed position. To do that, you only need to lift the mattress of the futon up.

In order to utilize the space, an extra set of sliding futon drawers can be a great idea. This is offered in standard size so is suitable any futon mattress.

Futon size

The size of the futons is measured by the size of its mattress or body. There are no difference between dimension between futon mattresses and conventional mattresses. However, lounger bodies have split sizes.

Futon Mattress

Some people may find that choosing the right futon mattress is a difficult task. However, it is no longer challenged you anymore if you clearly understand how the materials impact the quality of the mattress. Each material has different reaction to the human body’s pressure and other criteria as well.

how to choose futon

Once you look for a futon mattress, you need to consider how frequently you may use this. If you just occasionally sleep on it, as a guest bed for example, you can choose a budget-friendly one such as all cotton futon mattress. In case you plan to use it daily, an expensive one with high quality is recommended.

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