How To Fold Up A Futon Mattress

Futons are designed to be coaches by day and beds by night. It allows the futon to give way for other activities making them popular for people living in small rooms. However, not many are aware of how to fold a futon. They are usually easy to fold and can even be compressed for installing or shipping. In spite of this, since modern futons are made to western measurements, some of them cannot fold to 180 degrees.

However, how a futon is opened or closed depends on the manufacturer and the type of futon mattress it is. Different frames are opened and closed differently. There are three types of frames: Bi-fold frames, loveseat frames, and tri-fold frames.

how to fold a futon

Take A Look How to Fold a Futon

Most of the futon models are opened or closed by disengaging the locking mechanism by catching and releasing respectively. Futon frames can either be wooden or metallic. The metallic ones are usually painted black or silver to give them an edge. Whichever frames it has, a futon is considered as the futon when they can be folded up and out perfectly without any disruption.

The Bi-fold is the most commonly used since it is easy to convert from a bed to a sofa and the other way round. The Loveseat is especially designed to serve as a sofa for two people but requires a standalone ottoman and a love ottoman mattress to act as a comfortable bed.

All the following futon are designed to save up on space by using the least space possible, however; the Tri-fold uses the least space especially since it uses thinner mattresses than the rest of the other futons.

Bi-fold Futons

These are the most commonly used futon frames. Twin futon mattress is the size of mattress which fits perfectly with this frame since they easily convert to a bed or a sofa and do not require an ottoman platform. To fold it, first remove all beddings that may be caught in the futon hinges or that can prevent the mattress from folding into the half.

The mattress is first folded to 180 degrees as it folds lengthwise. Then the frame is closed by lifting the back section as you simultaneously push the seat section to a flat position of a seat. They are flexible and provide comfort as well as support.

Loveseat Futons

It is specially designed for areas with few walls. They come in three sizes: Twin, Full and Queen. It also usually has two mattress pieces though sometimes it comes with a long mattress that can be folded. They, unlike the Bi-folds, have a lounge extension that folds into the frame and slides between the seat deck and the futon base. Before closing it first remove the mattress.

To close it one has to push in the lounge extension then lift the back section of the seat into place. Though if it has adjustable legs first fold them back before pushing it in. Fortunately, the loveseat can allow the use of a thicker mattress. Using this seat, you can easily learn how to fold a futon. They are beautiful pieces of furniture and can be used in offices and small guest rooms. They are very comfortable, resilient and durable.

how to fold up a futon mattress

Tri-fold Futons

They look like a backward letter ‘z.’ They are designed to save up on space as they use thin mattresses so that they can be folded to thirds. They are designed to have three parts, whereby the frame includes: the seat section, the back section, and the Ottoman section.

Nonetheless, it uses the same mechanism of catching the locking mechanism as the loveseat. Conversely, it is easier to close it by removing the mattress first to allow folding of the frame. The ottoman is pushed in then the back of the seat is lifted back to position.

Then fold the mattress till it covers the seat and the backrest and tucks the rest of the mattress. However, the mattresses used with this futon are not to be used regularly since they get even thinner.

Bottom Line

Folding of the futon is dependent on the style of the futon and the manufacturer. The bi-fold is the most popular futon and is the easiest to use though some futon mattresses may not be able to fold back to back. The loveseat and the Tri- fold both have an ottoman that affects the way they are folded. Besides, consumers also need to pay attention to how big is a futon mattress to know the exact dimension of the mattress they tend to fold, and find out which is the best way to do this work.

Therefore, users have to be careful when opening futons so that they do not end up pulling or pushing the wrong part of the frame when opening or closing futons. It is easier to fold a futon by first removing the mattress before folding the frame of the futon only to replace it after you are done with the frame.

This prevents the beddings from getting caught up in the futon hinges and also the mattress in the case of a Bi-fold can bend to 180 degrees without hindrance. Folding of a futon allows more space in the room.

It also spells class as most futons look beautiful and give maximum comfort. Luckily, most of these mattresses come with a set of instructions, and in this case, you can refer to the instructions if you are still stuck on how to fold a futon.

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