How To Keep A Futon Mattress From Slipping

Futon mattress currently is a common furniture in a lot of Western families. It is not only impact, comfortable but also convertible between a sofa and a bed. However, like anything else in the world, it gets some drawbacks that may drive you crazy. Among them, we suppose that one thing making futon mattress out of your favorite lists is that it keeps slipping off the futon frame. But now, we have a way to solve this problem. Let’s find out how to keep a futon mattress from slipping soon!

If the futon mattress materials cause slipping

In general, the material used to manufacture the futon mattress is the one of the most common reasons why the mattress keeps slipping off the frame. Therefore, the friction between the bottom of the futon mattress and the surface of the frame is not enough. In this case, gripper is a great solution you can use to increase the friction and you can do it by yourself with simple items which you can buy from local store.

First of all, to know how to keep a futon mattress from slipping, you should find out some non-slippery materials which often come in roll format and people use it to put between two surfaces to keep them in place. Like doing with other surfaces, you cut some pieces of grip tapes, place them in different positions in the surfaces of the frame which will be contact with the bottom of the futon mattress.

A futon mattress cover is another solution for the question how to keep a futon mattress from slipping. In this case, it is more simply since you just only need to go to the store and purchase a suitable cover for your mattress. The cover not only protects your mattress from stains and dust but also help to keep in place.

If the squeaky frame is the reason why

The slipping issue is not only caused by the futon mattress material but the frame sometimes could be a reason. A frame in saggy situation can make the mattress slip in seconds. To solve this, you simply need to tighten all the bolts of the frame. It is highly recommended to have a check the frame’s bolts every month to make sure that they are strong enough to sleep on as well.

If the frame is unlevel

The unlevel frame is also a reason for the slipping futon mattress. So how to keep a futon mattress from slipping in this situation? Unlevel frame means that this frame is placed in unlevel surface, if you notice. You just need to adjust the position, bring the frame to a level position so the problem is solved.

If your movements during the sleep is the culprit

If you have tried all of the above solution but your futon mattress still keeps slipping off the frame, it is possible that your tossing and turning during the night you create cause this problem. While slipping, you move continuously on the surface of the mattress. In this case, you have better use the straps to secure your mattress to the frame.

To do so, firstly you should prepare sewed cording on the futon mattress’s edges, then place the mattress on top of the frame as usual. As a result, the mattress doesn’t slip anymore since when slipping, it will be stuck by the openings of the frame. All things are done! Enjoy your sleep soon.

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