How To Sleep On A Futon Comfortably

You have completed purchasing the new futon for your home, however, you are not really pleasant with the quality of your sleep on it. So problem here is how to sleep on a futon comfortably? As you may know, futon is just futon which consists of a futon mattress and a frame, cannot provide the luxurious sleeping experience as you sleep in a 5-star hotel. Luckily, just a few simple steps we are going to introduce today, you can make your futon into a comfortable bed that you are confident to give to any guest like your mom, your friends and so on. Let’s take a look to our instruction.

Add a futon mattress topper

Mattress topper is no longer a strange item in bedding furniture, you may use it for your conventional mattress. There is no reason you cannot take advantage of it for your futon mattress to make your sleeping experience more comfortable. We suppose you to have a try of traditional egg carton style foam topper. It is reported to add extra comfort to the mattress you have used. If not, luxurious memory foam mattress topper can be a great option for your futon mattress.

How to add a mattress topper to your futon mattress so that you can sleep on a futon comfortably? You can put the topper inside the futon mattress cover or place it on the surface of the futon mattress, remember to fix it in certain places so it cannot slip later.

Add slats under the futon mattress

In the first option we add extra support on the surface of the futon mattress, so in this option, we recommend you to support it from underneath. As you may know, in futons as well as other kinds of sofa sleepers there are a few extra supports, so you can add more by inserting wooden or metal slats in order to increase the level of firmness and protect your futon mattress from lumpy and saggy situation in the future.

Change your futon mattress

If you have tried two above ways but still not find the solution for the question How to sleep on a futon comfortably, the problem may be in your current futon mattress. It is time for you to change your futon mattress. A comfortable mattress can bring the huge difference in the quality of your good night’s sleep.

On the market, there are a wide range of different futon mattresses, each has a different level of thickness. In general, the thicker a mattress is, the more comfortable it is. However, you also should pay attention to the materials used to make up the futon mattress as well. Memory foam futon mattress is more comfortable than the cotton or innerspring.

Combine the featherbed with the futon mattress

It is a great idea to combine Western and Asian culture in a futon by using both Japanese futon with the featherbed – a traditional furniture of Western countries. You should cover it over the surface of the futon mattress. Normally a featherbed is separated into areas to keep the down from relocating to the other side of the bed or the other, and it offers a delighted layer of delicate quality and warmth between you and the mattress.

Put comforters on the futon mattress

Another approach to add solace to your futon is to be exacting about it. Regardless of whether you incline toward the breezy softness of down or settle on a down choice to maintain a strategic distance from any conceivable sensitivities for your visitors, placing the comforters over your futon mattress can give you that additional layer of padding that has a significant effect. An additional advantage of this technique is that, if two individuals are sharing the futon, you can tweak the additional cushioning to the inclination of every one of your visitors.

Use an air mattress

Futon is usually placed on the floor, just about a foot off the ground. There are some complaints about sitting down that low, and they would like to find a solution. Therefore, to help you out of this issue and make you more comfortable, we recommend you to add an air mattress on top of the current futon mattress. This not only increase the distance between the futon and the ground but also give better feeling to the sleepers.


Finally, we have shown you how to sleep on a futon comfortably. Depending on the actual situation of your futon as well as your preference, you can choose one way you think it is the most suitable. Good luck!

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