How To Wash A Futon Cover

Futon mattress is usually made of materials such as cotton, foam, innerspring or so on so it is difficult for us to clean up. Therefore, we need a futon cover to protect your mattress from dirt, dust, mold or other harmful factors. In general, futon cover is made of washable materials and washing it is much easier than the mattress. Today, we are pleased to show you how to wash a futon cover.

If you want to wash a futon cover but still desire to keep it as long as possible, you have better read and follow carefully the cleaning instruction of the manufacturers. Almost futon covers can be washed in the washing machine, but there are some which is required to dry cleaning or spot cleaning.

How to wash a futon cover

What you need:

· Washing machine

· Detergent

How to do:

· Let’s the work started by removing the cover off the futon mattress.

· To ensure your futon cover to be washable, find the instruction of the manufacturers inside and have a general knowledge about how to wash a futon cover.

· In case there is no instruction in your futon cover, you can wash it in any way in our article.

· Before wash a futon cover in a washing machine, you have better find out and pre-treat any existed stains or spots which may not be clean if you wash in the machine only. Stain remover is recommended in this case, however, remember to choose one which doesn’t threaten your futon cover as well as your health.

· Put your futon cover in the washing machine. Be sure your washing machine is large enough for the cover.

· It is time for adding laundry detergent. Take an appropriate amount of detergent and put into the washing machine. You should also have a check to the components of your detergent to know whether it contain bleach or not because it can make your futon cover discolor.

· In our How to wash a futon cover instruction, we suggest you using cold water, unless the instruction of your cover clarify that it must be washed in warm water instead.

· All preparations are completed, let press Start button and wait about 45 to 60 minutes for the futon cover to be clean.

· Now your futon cover has been already washed, take it out and dry. You can simply make it dry by hanging it outside under the sun for hours or if you are in urgent need, a dryer is an ideal choice.

· When the futon cover is completely dry, bring it into your room and place over the futon mattress.

Dry cleaning your futon cover

In case the instruction inside the futon cover shows that washing is not allowed, dry cleaning is a must. However, dry cleaning is not easy to do at home, you have better find a reputable cleaner.

Spot cleaning your futon cover

Sometimes a futon mattress is not too dirty but has some small stains and spots only. In this case, you don’t need to wash or dry clean it but just use spot cleaning method only to make the cover clean.

What you need:

· Detergent without bleach

· Water

· Clean towels

· Sponge

· Bucket

How to do:

· Make a mixture of detergent and water in the bucket. Remember to take a small amount of detergent only in order to avoid making the solution too dense.

· Damp the sponge into the mixture of detergent and water, gently swipe it on the surface of the dirty spots until you see the stain is completely removed. You must be careful in order not to make the around area wet since the excess water can soak into the futon mattress. If you don’t dry it immediately, it will damage your mattress and cause some health problems like mold, for example.

· Rub the surface of the futon cover by using the clean towels to remove all the remaining water and soap.

· Wash the sponge with the water and re-wipe the stains on the futon cover again.

· Use another clean towel to press into the stain area to remove remaining excess water if any.

· Open the door or put the futon cover in front of the fan to let it naturally dry.

Extra tips

· In How to wash a futon cover instruction, we would like to highlight that you should not put your futon directly under the sun or it will be discolor later. If possible, you have better keep it in an opened room so the wind will make it dry.

· Routinely rotate your futon to prevent it from wearing and tearing in one side. It is recommended to flip it once or twice a month too.

· Every six months, bring the futon mattress as well as other accessories out.

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