Investors lay down money for growing mattress firm

Once sleepy Organization to broadcast merchandise at seven sockets

Mattress maker Select Comfort Corp. expects earnings to rise in $600,000 in 1991 around $6 billion annually, as a result of an infusion of money and management experience from local venture capitalists.

The Brooklyn Park-based maker, which creates an exceptional air service full size futon mattress, was changed from a mom-and-pop performance into a business which would get seven retail outlets offered nationwide by the close of the year.

Business founder Bob Walker, who started the company in 1985 after spending 12 years studying his merchandise, has devised what he believes to be the upcoming revolutionary step in bed.

"I was thinking that the mattress firms understood how to earn a full size futon mattress, however, no one thought about the people with sleep or back aches which were utilizing it. I thought it may be novel to generate a mattress to fulfill the folks with it," Walker stated.

To make it feasible for his brand new product to compete at the bedding marketplace, Walker understood he had capital and business experience. After being turned off by countless investors, then last June he discovered that a consortium of venture capitalists eager to put money into his theory and business.

Collectively, a triumvirate of venture capital companies have invested over $3 million thus much in Select Comfort. The group comprises St. Paul Venture Capital Inc., St. Paul; Cherry Tree Ventures, Bloomington; and Consumer Venture Partners, Greenwich, Conn..

"I feel this business has enormous capacity; that is simple to see. Nonetheless, it's likely to have a good deal of work," explained Pat Hopf, president of St. Paul Venture Capital Inc. "We are attempting to state that the entire mattress industry gets the incorrect product and we're staying far from the present distribution system. It is like saying that we will construct all electrical automobiles without the support of the significant car makers."

Investors lay down money for growing mattress firm

Walker's full size futon mattresses utilize air instead of springs, water or foam to cushion and encourage the body. A flexible pressure system may control the quantity of air in every one of the mattress' atmosphere chambers, so enabling users to change the stability. Consumers just show a switch to find out how hard or soft they are interested in having the mattress to sense. From the bigger versions, two different air chambers are constructed to the mattress to couples with various tastes in mattress stability. The stores retail in $700 to $1,100 for a full size futon mattress. 

"There is not a reason why Select Comfort cannot be a competition at the |mattress~ marketplace, which will be roughly a $5 billion annual business in retail revenue," explained Nancy Butler, senior vice president of International Sleep Products Association in Alexandria, Va. "It'll depend a great deal on how it's promoted and marketed since it's relatively new and not one of the large, national brand businesses take part with air beds. As yet, it doesn't have a number of the advertising to push it to some considerable product class. It has a way to proceed."

Ahead of the venture capitalists occurred over business direction, Walker was hoping to market his possessions via department stores and other retail outlets. The company had six employees and roughly $600,000 in revenue in 1991. Nowadays, you will find 56 workers, such as a new management group, along with also a significant shift in advertising strategy. Walker, chairman of Select Comfort, said that the business is promoting 500 beds per month and expects to get $6 million in earnings this season.

Since November, Select Comfort has promoted its product nationwide through direct response advertising, where ads are placed in magazines and papers requesting interested buyers to seek out a free video and booklet. The mattresses include a 90-day return coverage, and can readily be sent by UPS since they're inflatable.

Recognizing that many buyers will need to check a product prior to making such a massive investment, Select Comfort started three retail outlets throughout the previous several months in three area towns -- Ridgedale, Southdale and Rosedale. The business is going to start its fourth store in the Mall of America. Select Comfort also intends to start three additional outlets around both East and West coasts after this season. "We can start up to many as we could, however, we have to refine our shops," Hopf explained.

Two of those mall shops are kiosk structures placed at the mall's center of visitors, while in Southdale and Tours of America, Select Comfort has its very own 450-square-foot stores.

Hopf said shop earnings are reaping roughly $1,000 a square foot in an annualized basis. Most retailers have been comfy at $300 a square foot sales, he added. Hopf, investing only in retail area, stated this shop notion is really a breeze. There's only 1 product type, there's not any stock piling up at the rear of shops, and they have their own distribution platform.

However he admits selling a new brand’s product is just one long continuing increase, particularly when the public believes of air beds because floatable swimming rafts or inexpensive camping equipment. He is expecting the current fascination with air-pumped tennis shoes or baseball glasses can influence curious buyers, that are likely to become more age 40 and above.

"We are not attempting to make a new market. The market size has been established. We are only hoping to receive 5% of the entire giant business," Hopf explained.

Roy Unger, former president of Certa Inc., the Chicago-based mattress manufacturer that's next in market share, believes Select Comfort is about the ideal path. "They're on a fantastic idea and they are promoting it in a smart manner," said Unger, who is spent 43 years in the company. "By going straight to the customer they have the chance to tell their own story. The mattress requires some explaining."

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