5 Top Rated King Size Futon Mattress Of 2018

A king size mattress is the ultimate in sleeping experience and luxury. Since futons are hugely popular, a king size futon mattress is a viable option, provided you have the space to accommodate it. A king size futon is ideal for visiting families since it can sleep both kids and adults quite comfortably.

Your futon king mattress will also provide extra width and length to accommodate larger body types, and it will also prevent persons slipping off during sleep. It’s also great for couples or persons with varying sleep, health, and physical challenges.

Because of the extra dimensions, your king size futon mattress will not go unnoticed in your living quarters. The right purchase will not only add extra sleeping or sitting accommodation but should complement your present décor without overpowering it.

King Size Futon Mattress - Top 5 Of 2018

     1. All Cotton King Size Futon

     2. Gold Bond 070700 8 Inch All Cotton Futon Mattress

     3. The Futon Shop Back Care Plus Cotton and Wool Soy Foam Extra Firm Futon Mattress

     4. The Futon Shop Organic plus Latex and Organic Cotton Extra Firm Futon Mattress

     5. Pearl King Size Futon Mattress

Here Are A Few Considerations Of The Best King Size Futon Mattress:

#1. All Cotton King Size Futon

King size futon

Via: Amazon.com

The All Cotton king Size futon is made of all natural cotton with a reinforced, tufted structure for extra sturdiness. It is ideal for kids andguests and is suitable for both sleeping and sitting. If you need a larger one, consider other kinds of queen size futon mattress

The mattress is compatible with most king size futon frames. It is 5 inches high and 5 inches deep but gets increasingly firmer over time with use.

The organic cotton is a long-lasting, eco-friendly, bug-resistant, non-toxic fabric, that stands up well to long-term wearand tear. The cotton is also breathable for added sleeping comfort.

It is durable, lightweight, and well-constructed and designed.However, you may need to flip it over from time to time to maintain the shape. The price is mid-range but competitive.


  • The futon is very comfortable
  • It is hypoallergenic and safe for allergy sufferers
  • The non-toxic fabric is also inflammable


  • The cotton stuffing can be a bit loose with general use
  • The actual product is slightly different from the advertisement

#2. Gold Bond 070700 8 Inch All Cotton Futon Mattress

King Size Futon

Via: Amazon.com

The 76” x 80” mattress is made up of 8” deep, pure cotton batting for extra comfort. It is firm to the touch and very thick. It boasts a well-crafted design, with a densely packed cotton interior for added firmness.

The futon fits well into most existing king size futon frames, and it weighs about 90 pounds.

The fabric is microfiber, durable material that is comfy with a natural look and feel. The futon holds firmly in place and provides sturdy sleep support.

It is priced at the lower end of the spectrum for a king size futon, but that does not, however, diminish its usefulness or quality.


  • Very comfortable
  • Provides good sleep support
  • Thick, sturdy and durable
  • Attractive design
  • Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly


  • May shift somewhat with prolonged use
  • Some sagging may occur when in one spot consistently

#3. The Futon Shop Back Care Plus Cotton and Wool Soy Foam Extra Firm Futon Mattress

King Futon

Via: Amazon.com

The Futon Shop has crafted a highly durable, sustainable king size futon mattress. It has a lifespan of almost 10 years and has enhanced tufted padding for extra back support.

It is ideal for persons with back and spinal pain or injury. It is firm, yet comfortable, and helps promote better sleep.

The technology is designed with your comfort in mind. The fabrics are a blend of cotton, soy foam, and wool with a plush look and feel. The manufacture is the ultimate in quality, comfort, and support.

Wool helps promote airflow and regulate the temperature to keep you cool, both in the summer and winter months.

Soy foam is eco-friendly and great for insulation and added durability. It does not emit strong chemical odors like other synthetic fabrics. The futon has a quilted backing that makes it very breathable. The naturally blended fabrics are flame proof and bug resistant.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Provides extra firm support
  • Easy to clean cover


  • There are no current critical reviews for this product since it is a relatively new entry into the market.

#4. The Futon Shop Organic plus Latex and Organic Cotton Extra Firm Futon Mattress

King Futon Mattress

Via: Amazon.com

The Organic Latex Plus futon king size mattress is made up of a few layers of organic latex filing. Latex is a highly desirable fabric which is dense, firm, toxic-free and sustainable.

When you purchase this futon mattress, you will get a well-crafted, high quality design with your comfort and extra support in mind.

It is durable, with up to 70 tufts of firmness for added sturdiness. The design is aesthetically pleasing, with a smooth and luxurious feel. The quality latex and organic cotton blends are expected to last for up to 15 years.


  • The futon mattress is extra firm for maximum support
  • Very comfortable
  • Consistent sturdiness and durability
  • Value for money
  • Attractive design


  • There are no current critical reviews of this product.

#5. Pearl King Size Futon Mattress

King size futon mattress

Via: Amazon.com

The Pearl King size futon mattress provides 8 inches of durable, highly tufted sleep support. It conforms to most king size bed frames for ease of use.

The quality design is supported by natural cotton and wool fibers that help promote more restful sleep. Additional layers of cotton batting help keep the mattress sturdy for extra comfort.

Natural cotton is durable and bug resistant, and wool is known for its soft, pliable, comfortable fit and feel. The wool fibers are also fire resistant and helps promote cool, even temperatures while you sleep.


  • Resilient and comfortable
  • Highly recommended for everyday use as a sleeper
  • Tufted design helps keep seams intact
  • Extra batting is designed for extra support
  • Durable, high-quality workmanship


  • Depending on your individual circumstances, some Pearl Kings may be too soft or too firm.
  • There may be a lingering odor if the mattress is made of synthetic fibers.

Tips on How to Purchase the Best King Size Futon Mattress:

First, consider your overall needs when purchasing your king size futon mattress.Always bear in mind; you are getting two functional pieces of furniture for the price of one!

1. Will your king size futon mattress be your primary sleeper?

If so, you will need to buy a quality product that will stand up over time.

2. How often do you plan to use the futon?

Will it be an occasional sleeper for guests or function more often as a couch?If so, a cheaper, yet good quality brand will suffice.

3. Do you have enough space?

A king size futon mattress is slightly longer and wider than a queen size model. Make sure you have enough space to spread it out without swamping surrounding living areas comfortably.

4. How much are you prepared to spend?

If you need an everyday sleeper/sofa combo, then a high quality, sturdy brand is required.

With these factors in mind, let’s look at the other critical areas in choosing a king size futon:


While aesthetics may be important, comfort is priority. In choosing a futon, you should be able to sit and sleep in relative comfort, since the futon is designed for both purposes.

The types of fabric and other design elements will ultimately determine the overall comfort.

Various types of fabric will respond differently to your body frame. Some fabrics will be either lighter or heavier and will determine how well the futon will convert from sleeping to sitting when required.

Memory foam mattresses help keep the shape for longer periods and more suitable for using your futon as couch. Coil mattresses are a bit comfy but can get out of shape with wear and tear.

If you need extra sleeping space because of advancing age or other physical challenges, a king size futon mattress may be a good option.


The type of design will determine how your futon will function to meet your needs best. There are some fabrics that work well for overall aesthetics, but also promote comfort and durability.

Organic cotton, wool, latex and other blended fibers, help support longevity, physical support, and more restful sleep. Some fibers help regulate the body temperature during the hot summer or colder winter months.

Pure cotton is breathable, durable and bug resistant and ideal for allergy sufferers. Latex is dense,firm, sustainable and toxic free, yet very luxurious. Wool is soft and pliable, but well insulated and great for balancing body temperatures while you sleep.

Make sure your futon mattress fits well onto your existing frame for added comfort, support, and safety.


Thickness in a king size futon mattress may be a bit tricky, but it all boils down to your individual needs or personal preferences.

Thinner futons are more suited to metal frames, while the thicker mattresses are best held together on wooden frames. You ideal frame should match the type of mattress you select.

It is foolhardy to purchase a high-quality mattress and mount it on a low-rate frame or vice versa.


Since the king size futon mattresses range in shelf-life between 10 to fifteen years, it’s worth ensuring you get value for money. Durability and sturdiness will vary depending on design and technology used in manufacturing.

Choose a futon with materials and design that will stand up under normal wear and tear and that will adequately support the number of persons who will more likely use it over time.

The fabric should be easy to clean and maintain, and not likelyto tearor fade over the long-term. There are some fabrics that cannot be removed, so care and cleaning instructions need to be carefully considered when purchasing.

Make sure you consider the body weight and height of the persons who are likely to use the futon the most. Heavier individuals will need extra sturdiness and overall mattress support.


The product warranty provisions are critical to help militate against any product defects or issues within a specified period. Most king size futon mattresses are more expensive than the other sizes, so you need to ensure your initial investment is worthwhile.


Like many queen size futon, almost king size futon mattresses under review range in prices from $300 to $1,200.00. Your specific needs, style and comfort level will inform your final decision.

Benefits of the King Size Futon Mattress:

· Although some king size bedding can be expensive, the average king size futon mattress is reasonably priced.

· Overall customer reviews tend to be very positive.

· They provide much-needed extra seating and sleeping space, especiallyfor larger body frames.

· Most futons are made from good quality, organic fabrics for added comfort and style.


Any king size futon mattress is considered the ultimate in sleep luxury. The extra mattress space in width and length is deal for persons with larger body frames and weight. According to many futon mattress reviews, it is also ideal for a small family and can seat or sleep a number of persons, including kids and adults quite adequately.

The king size mattress allows one to stretch out for added comfort and can help relieve aches and pains along the body’s pressure points. A king size futon mattress is a good choice for persons with physical challenges such as arthritis, restless leg syndrome or back, and spinal issues.

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