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Mattress manufacturers at the High Point International Home Furnishings Market featured interactive information centers, videos, educational brochures and newsletters to educate consumers. Sealy Inc. brought along its Interactive Information Center that allows consumers to look up information about its Posturepedic products, including twin size futon mattresses. Englander Co. provided its consumers with a voice box system that supplies either five or ten prerecorded messages about the company's products. Restonic Inc. featured a video that provides the dealers and consumers with tapes about the company's products and history.

In an effort to make futon mattress shopping more consumer-friendly, manufacturers at the High Point International Home Furnishings Market featured interactive point-of-purchase displays, educational brochures and a newsletter, and in-store videos about bedding products such as twin size futon mattresses. To have more information about futon mattress manufacturer Sealy.

Sealy introduced its Interactive Information Center, a computer with a screen that somewhat resembles an all-in-one washer and dryer which allows consumers to find out about the benefits of a Posturepedic at the touch of a mouse.

Englander featured a Micro Talker, a less elaborate voice box on a stand, which comes in versions with either five or 10 buttons, each with a different recorded message on the company's products.

Kingsdown, Restonic, Englander and Simmons were among the manufacturers that featured in-store videos to introduce about their products as well as twin size futon mattresses. Kingsdown, which introduced the videos six years ago, provides dealers with tapes on the company's products and history, which are shown in stores and lent to consumers for use at home.

Restonic, Englander and Simmons provide dealers with videos for in-store use that are designed to play continuously. In each case, the videos focus on the benefits of the manufacturer's products.

Simmons introduced an all-in-one unit for playing videos that includes shelves for mini-mattresses and a box with a button that can be pushed to hear a recorded message on product benefits.


Spring Air displayed its advertorial newsletter, which was mailed by dealers in September and October. Three-fourths of the newsletter, which is sent as a direct-mail piece or with newspaper circulars, includes generic information on sleep and bedding and about one-fourth is devoted to information on the retailer's and the manufacturer's products.

Serta introduced triangular stands with nature scenes to go with its "We Make The World's Best Mattress" advertising campaign. The stands feature pockets with brochures on the company's products, find out more about twin size futon mattress click here

Englander was among the manufacturers that featured point-of-purchase materials comparing its products to competitors'. The manufacturer's Dare to Compare counter card showed a drawing of border rod with the border rods used by Sealy, Serta and Simmons.

Tom Wendorf, vice president and national sales manager for Restonic, said the abundance of educational materials is in part a response to a 1991 study by the International Sleep Products Association which showed that futon mattress shopping is confusing to consumers.

"Consumers were very confused about bedding and comparison shopping. Today's consumer wants to be more informed because they are shopping for value. There is a need to give consumers more confidence," noted Wendorf.

These materials mean the consumer does not need to rely as much on the sales associate. "There is frustration with the expertise of retail salespeople. There is a lot of turnover in that area," he noted.

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