New Ohio Mattress purchase: accord reached to buy Trend West

The Ohio Mattress Co., the bedding and futon mattress manufacturer located here, has reached an agreement in principle to obtain Trend West Furniture Manufacturing, a major producer of waterbed, which lately added innerspring frames into its lineup.

The acquisition requires an amount of $8 million to be paid in the time into the final together with extra sums to be paid more than four decades, contingent upon operating results. The acquisition is subject to the discussion and signing of a written agreement.

Along with the purchase of Monterey Manufacturing Co., a manufacturer of waterbed futon mattresses and elements, together with sales volume of $12 million; Stearns & Foster Co., the Cincinnati-based innerspring maker, with sales volume of $95 million final year, and also the purchase of Lifetime Foam Products Inc., a Chicago-based maker of polyurethane mattresses and box springs with earnings of $27 million before this season, the arrangement together with the $30 million Trend West attracts Ohio Mattress' total quantity to approximately $240 million.

New Ohio Mattress purchase

Ohio Mattress, previously the Ohio-Sealy Mattress Manufacturing Co., also sells and manufactures Sealy-brand bedding and futon mattress under permits with Sealy Inc. From the 1982 calendar year, since the biggest licensee of Sealy, the firm had earnings of 67 million. Since that moment, the acquisitions have made Ohio Mattress to become one of the country's top five bedding and futon mattress makers.

Trend West's acquisition adds to Ohio Mattress' collection of flotation and innerspring sleeping businesses. According to Ernest M. Wuliger, chairman and chief executive officer of Ohio Mattress, it's a logical step in a bid to better serve his automobile "It is clear that the purchase of Trend West is a natural match for Monterey. It empowers us to offer you the trader the chance for online shopping."

For Trend West, the arrangement means the financial resources necessary to support its clients while continued to increase at a quick pace, according to the president, Henry Robinson along with brand identification.

"We are very happy," Robinson stated. "There could not be a much better minister. We believe Ernest Wuliger and his company are excellent individuals and we're happy they view where we could fit in their program."

Based on Robinson, because timber does not be manufactured by Ohio Mattress, Trend West will signify plus-business for them. "For them, we finish the triangle" Robinson stated. "Now, regardless of what sleep a client buys, Ohio Mattress can insure it in mattresses and in frames. We're an interlocking group of businesses."

Trend West introduced a set of frames for many sleep surfaces, and this makes the lineup harmonious with all of Ohio Mattress' sleeping goods innerspring and flotation, Robinson explained. Assist the first-timers

Monterey's lineup, by way of instance, is now provided via its own distributor, Advantage Distributing and Trend West, Robinson explained.

Waterbed case merchandise executives indicated that the purchase would enable Ohio Mattress to support traders considering simplifying their purchasing getting into waterbeds for the very first time, read previous post

"I believe the purchase will round out Ohio Mattress' program a little more, but more significant, it'll be attractive to lots of conventional traders getting into waterbeds for the very first time," said Coleen Ragland, co-owner of Woodstuff, a waterbed case goods manufacturer based in Phoenix, Arizona. "A great deal of conventional mattress is moving from the path of waterbeds, but their understanding of the area isn't too great yet. This might help them."

Jerry Nelson, executive vice president of Water & Wood, Gardena, Cal., had a similar response: "It is fantastic for smaller traders who'd be inclined and capable of putting together their particular schedule.

In accordance with Ragland, among the jobs before Ohio Mattress may entail coordinating its increasing number of distribution channels to prevent issues that can develop between earnings and vendors.

For Woodstuff, that has always had a fantastic relationship with both Monterey and Trend West, the purchase does not necessarily alter how in which the corporation will conduct business, but which makes it more crucial to "remain on top of matters," based on Ragland. "We just need to be prepared to perform what we must do," she explained.

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