Serta buys prime time | Serta Inc plans to advertise its mattresses in 1994

Serta Inc. plans to advertise its mattresses in 1994 with a $10 million television ad campaign that will begin with the Academy Awards broadcast on Mar 21, 1994. About 70% of the TV commercials are scheduled for prime time-slots on American Broadcasting Co, CBS Inc. and National Broadcasting Co. The ads will also air on five major cable television networks. The ads are designed to appeal especially to women.

DES PLAINES, III.--Launching the largest national media campaign and prime time television purchase in the company's 63-year history, Serta Inc., of Des Plaines, III. disclosed that television's second-highest rated special event-the March 21st broadcast of the Academy Awards-will serve as the 'cornerstone" of its 1994 advertising blitz. All the efforts has only one ultimate target: pushing the sales of king size futon mattresses as well as other sizes. 

The $10 million strategy, specifically designed to drive consumer awareness and preference for the Serta’s brands, will be capped off with the appearance of a Serta advertisement during the most widely viewed television program next to the Super Bowl--the 66th Academy Awards hosted this year by actress/comedienne Whoopi Goldberg.

Serta buys prime time

Further, this mega-campaign will also mark the debut of a new "We Make the World's Best Mattress" commercial. The 30-second spot, which once again features the voice of distinguished actor Armand Assante, captures the same emotional mood and tone of Serta's current series of commercials, which draw on the permanence of emotion and how consumers feel about their purchase decision, a king size futon mattress for example.

With 70 percent of the television commercials scheduled for prime time on ABC, CBS and NBC, it will run on a total of 24 popular shows with the most widely recognized ones, including The Tonight Show, Frasier, L.A. Law, 20/20, Nightline and Eye-to-Eye with Connie Chung. Several Sunday Night Movies from the three major networks will round out the line-up.

In addition, Serta commercials will also be featured on five top cable networks including Arts & Entertainment (A&E), Discovery, USA, WTBS and TNT. Prime time will account for at least 70 percent of the programming on any cable network.

This year's campaign, coordinated by Serta's advertising agency Hal Riney & Partners, marks a substantial increase from the 1993 advertising budget of $7 million, and is intended to further establish the company's commitment to brand building and brand leadership. Nearly one-half billion impressions will reach more than 80 percent of the target adult audience which will emphasize in women, the primary influencers in king size futon mattress advisors purchases.

According to vice president of advertising, Susan Ebaugh, the company is looking for long-term impact and the opportunity to build and solidify relationships with consumers. "We tend to see our company and ourselves not merely as sellers of products and services, but as a brand, which is an asset of project and promotes as you would any major investment. The bedding industry is not as different as other industries in which brand awareness leads to demand, which leads to sales, "Ebaugh said.

With an advertising campaign that includes the Academy Awards, prominent prime time network and cable television shows plus a new commercial, Ebaugh is confident that favorable results will be forthcoming. "Without question, this is the most aggressive media campaign we have ever launched, "she said.

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