Serta’s pilot program bows; new high-end sleep sets feature latex layer

SAN FRANCISCO -- Continuing to focus on "more comfort than ever before," Serta has launched pilot programs for two new high-end sleep sets which include both a king size futon mattress, according to Roy Unger, Serta's president.

The top-end model, positioned above Serta's current top of the line Perfect Sleeper with Quallofil, features a layer of 100 percent latex foam and is offered with a heat-transfer print damask -- an innovation by Culp.

The step-down model, positioned just below the Quallofil bed, features a pillow-top with Pillo-fill fibers supplied by Du Pont.

The king size futon mattresses were shown for the first time at the Winter Home Furnishings market here last week. They can be offered by any plant to set up a pilot program with a specific retailer.

"The thrust of the programs is on the surface, the unique Serta surface," said Unger. "Serta surfaces provide added luxury and comfort, which is enhanced by the internal construction of the bed."


The top of the line king size futon mattress has a Quallofil quilt and 100-percent latex foam in the upholstered layers. It is priced to retail at $200 to $300 more than the Perfect Sleeper with Quallofil, Unger said.

He noted that latest gives the futon mattress "a different feel then foam -- even then high density foam. It has a buoyant feel. Many latext mattresses were sold in the '50s and '60s. Many people who have had a latex futon mattress are so satisfied with it that they want to continue to sleep on a bed with latex." Serta has also been testing a top of the line futon mattress with a latex foam core. 

In addition to Culp's printed damask, the bed is available with Burlington's Eurogloss damask. "Eurogloss is a damask with an extremely soft hand," said Unger. "The only way Du Pont will approve a damask for a Quallofil bed is when the fabric is very soft and pliable like a knit. Dupont has approved these damasks for this program."

The step-down model is a pillow-top bed -- the first pillow-top ever launched by Serta. It is positioned just above the Serta mattress with Pillo-fill, which was launched this month as a step--down to the Quallofil bed.

"With the pillow-top, we will have a full range of choices," said Unger. "We have had some interest in pillow-tops -- retailers said they felt they wanted to have a pillow-top to offer and we've tried to improve on the pillow-top with new features."

The pillow-top bed contains an inch of foam fill on top. The bottom of the pillow-top and the surface underneath the pillow-top is quilted, an important feature that adds to the tailoring of the bed, Under said.

The pilot programs will probably run through the year, Unger said. "We need to find out what it will take in the marketing of the products," he said. "We know the products are right."

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