Should the mattress lie hard or soft for your health?

That question is quite a lot of people poses when choosing to buy a buffer. Especially today the market is a lot of different intervertebral lines. So select the best type of mattress for your health, the article below will be individually advised.

How to identify hard and soft mattress

On the market, there are many types of mattress such as a mattress, cotton mattress, foam mattress, Spring mattress, latex mattress,... that each line has a different hardness or softness that satisfies the consumer's bridge. Every person has the perceived, different preferences about hardness, a softness of buffer. The person choosing soft mattress by the smoothness of shield, who thinks that hard mattress lies better than not causing back pain. Which lies hard or soft, better? Any hard or soft buffer.
Types of hard paddling

In many lines are present in the market, the cotton mattress is said to be the top of the hard-padded products. The Department of cotton wool is pressed due to the bowel of polyester that is pushed in high temperature to shape each buffer has a flat level, the optimal hardness that creates the feeling for the user.


 However, the hardness and flattening of the cotton mattress are very reasonable in line with many objects used to bring comfortable feeling, helping the maximum body protect well for the spine. Besides, there are some types of springs, and the buffer also has a reasonable hardness to meet the customer segment at various age levels.

Soft mattress

Referring to the soft mattress cannot be said to lines of products such as rubber mattresses, spring mattress, foam mattress. With material from natural rubber, a synthetic rubber with high elasticity of latex mattress, foam layer has a certain softness of foam buffer or a combination of elements of spring mattress. So the products made from the article will inherit the excellent advantages that bring the feeling of softness, comfort to the user.


What kind of good health is to keep

Deciding what kind of good health is to buy, buying a suitable buffer, buying a hard mattress or more is a question of how many consumers are disturbed. Many customers believe that there is a better buffer or another orthopedic physician to encourage the patient to choose a hard barrier. However, a rigid buffer or soft buffer is subject to the physical and medical condition of each person.

For firm mattress such as a cotton mattress, hard format spring mattress is always recommended for people with related ailments, back pain or dizziness. The ultimate hardness, the optimum flat of this product line supports the spine still in straight position, and the body upgrades correctly. This helps to prevent, relieve chronic back pain or frequent limb aches.

In contrast to these types of hard padding, a soft mattress is an ideal choice who enjoys the feeling of softness or the person who is always in a stressful, tiring situation. Smoothness, the perfect elasticity of rubber mattress, foam mattress and soft spring mattress mattresses will bring a sense of comfort, smoothness for sleep, helping to relax dispel all the stress, fatigue of a working day.
Choosing the right buffer for each object

For the person suffering from back pain and diseases on osteoarthritis

For those suffering from back pain, chronic joint pain should use a rigid buffer because it will help the body lift be better at the same time to have the effect of supporting the spine in a straight position. Therefore, it is advisable to dramatically improve back pain and frequent aches and pains that occur especially at weather changes. So if you fret about a buffer question that lies no back pain, select the cotton mattress as the most suitable option.

For pregnant women

For pregnant women, it should not be a soft buffer because the elasticity of this kind of barrier will interfere with both the mother and the baby. At the same time, it also caused a disorder of the blood, causing the transformation of blood to especially the fetus is not well.

For the elderly

Older adults are often declining, the osteoarthritis system also gradually gets aging over time. Therefore, to choose the most suitable buffer for them is an incredibly tricky thing. Selecting a too hard or too soft cushion harms health so that a barrier has optimum hardness and flat, moderately soft as the cotton mattress, the spring buffer is a perfect choice.

For children ages

Children are the age of the formation and development of osteoarthritis structures. Therefore, it is recommended that children lie to moderate hard forms to help the child shape the spine and carry perfect stature as it grows. Experts encourage parents to choose the line of cotton-padded products, spring mattress for children's bedding are the most suitable.

For young people, the Middle Ages, and good health

For this age, they tend to choose the soft mattress to bring the comfortable, soothing and relaxing feel and help them to relax a hard day. However, it is also customized to each person's interests which selects the entire buffer that carries the most comfort when lying asleep. Some of the most suitable soft mattress for this age can include natural latex mattresses, rubber mattress, synthetic, spring mattress, foam mattress.

So since the above share can be seen hard to buffer or soft health depends on each particular object as well as the freshness of each person. To be able to choose the best hard-buffered products or soft mattress for you, you should visit the Vietnamese intervertebral world. The address of the consumer's trust pillows with a wide range of firm or good soft bed, which are suitable for you to have a wide choice of buying cheap mattress products, ensuring quality for sleep.

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