Simmons pitches a health line: new BackCare mattress, it says, keeps the body aligned

Abstract: Simmons Co. will present a lineup of twin size futon mattress designed to provide superior support. The line, to be known as BackCare, will soon be exhibited in the San Francisco, CA Furniture Market and are available for delivery. Mattresses will be diversifed in price. Simmons Chmn and CEO Zenon Nie explained that the mattresses are meant to supply the body alignment.

Total Text: Simmons Co. intends to present a health-oriented lineup of full size futon mattress that it requires BackCare, which are developed to give "back support"

"Consumers want products that will help them to be as healthy as you can," says chairman and chief executive Zenon Nie. "Beautyrest is created for fabulous relaxation; BackCare was made to place one's body at the best possible recovery"

Simmons Co. will reveal the goods in the San Francisco Winter Furniture Market. Having a ship date of March 1, the program that is BackCare, ranges from $499 to $ 1,699 for a full size futon mattress at retail price.

A characteristic of the BackCare versions is PostureBridge, a high density foam mesh put on the coils to support the thoracic area (the hollow of the trunk) and upper thighs, and also to maintain the spine in proper alignment during sleep.

(The organization says it is a high hope for BackCare and also for models to be released into its Beautyrest line in the San Francisco Winter Furniture Market. Story, page 20.)

Simmons pitches a health line new BackCare mattress

A foam manufactured by the healthcare sector to stop sleep reduction is used by the BackCare Ultimate. The foam, known as ContourFit, provides, aside from lumbar and thigh support, three added "comfort zones," which reduce strain on the shoulders, hips and lower legs.

The idea behind BackCare developed from six focus groups which were held throughout the nation annually to identify what customers wanted out of their full size futon mattresses. Related articles at

In accordance with Nie, the customers voiced the desire for more than only a fantastic night's sleep. "Their worries were medical," Nie states. "It had been the most bizarre matter."

Simmons considers the mattress layout can fit 90% of customers. "Although individuals vary in height, the measurements from the shoulders to the buttocks does not change that much," Nie states. "So one standardized measurement covers nearly everyone."

Compared to Beautyrest goods, Nie clarifies, "BackCare does exactly the exact same thing, but using a distinct spring program. Beautyrest does it via the pocketed coil whereas the BackCare goods take action via the blend of this foam, full size futon mattress and its new exclusive box spring."

The innerspring unit is the most recent creation of constant wire from Leggett & Platt, the Carthage, Mo. who is a provider in the bedding market.

Although Nie states in growing BackCare Simmons sought aid, the business has not sought endorsements from medical governments or institutions. The first stage of the product introduction will happen when Nie assembles 250 individuals for the very first sales meeting in 13 decades of the company.

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