Think of decadence and one may think of an ice cream sundae totally buried with "the works." In the home furnishings world, no one matches queen size futon mattress manufacturers when it comes to their version of a sundae. It's their ability to blend natural and high-tech ingredients into a tasty and satisfying dish.

When reminding about the corruption of Jim Ross, director of marketing for Stearns & Foster and the company's Golden Elegance line, you may think about something. And it's all due to the ingredients: bridal-white Belgian damask ticking, and DuPont Comforel filling that is finer than silk, warm as down and won't bunch or flatten. "Stearns & Foster's Golden Elegance bed offers the ultimate sleeping experience," he said.

The first thing Kingsdown's Tom McLean thinks about is the Body Systems Adjustable Bed line that will be introduced at the April market in High Point.

This line combines features of Kingsdown's DormoDiagnostics computerized 18-point measurement system, the Yours Truly bed line and a newly designed electric adjustable bed system that Kingsdown has been working on for more than a year.


"Wouldn't you love to sleep naturally in the most desired position, a slight fetal position, taking all the pressure off of the back with the knees curled and those warm, cozy positions that we get into -- in the back-lying position?" asked McLean, Kingsdown's senior vice president of marketing. "We'll be able to take all the science that we've spent the last 12 years developing for a flat bed and apply it to an adjustable bed and queen size futon mattress."

And check out Spring Air's Comfort Caress Collection, which retails at $1,299, queen, and up. "If there is a marshmallowy, jump-into-me, cloudlike look like a bed, this is it," said Randy Loebig, vice president of sales and marketing.

"That is the visual message we convey. We achieve that visual effect by using our Caress Ultra-Loft fibers at the top layers of the quilting. They are very conforming; they react to an individual's body shape and weight to conform around that and they are anti-microbial-treated so they are allergy-resistant."

A guilty pleasure? At Simmons, that would have to include the Summit 3-inch pillow-top system introduced on its Beautyrest and BackCare lines, according to Craig Wilson, vice president and director of sales at Simmons.

"In that 3-inch area, we have the option of putting plush foam, latex, viscoelastic foam or even a pocketed coil, which brings these incredible feels up to the surface," Wilson said. That level of guilty pleasure from Simmons will run a consumer up to $3,500 for a queen. Mention decadence to Donna Amatulli Favia, spokeswoman for Restonic Mattress Corp., and she immediately thinks of the Restonic Flexsteel Collection, a new, joint technology effort between Restonic, the mattress producer, and Flexsteel, the upholstery manufacturer. The product tops out at $1,900 retail for a queen.

The secret ingredients to this dish are a patented box spring unit similar to the support system used in Flexsteel's sofas, and a queen size futon mattress made with egg-crate foam, viscoelastic foam, exotic-fiber-and-wool insulating layers and other slumber-producing materials. "It's all synchronized to work together," Favia said.

Natura World Inc., a producer of latex foam bedding systems, blends various components into a Sleep Envelope, or sandwich, for those looking to be indulged. A person snuggles between two unbleached cotton sheets with a wool comforter on top and a mattress pad of wool with a latex layer beneath supported by flexible wood slats. The wool wicks moisture away, regulating temperature and reducing tossing-and-turning by 50 percent. The system runs about $2,500 in queen size futon mattress.

"It's almost like creating a personalized sleep zone, wrapping your body in luxury," said Wendy Bairos, director of communications for Natura.

Masterpiece, a division of Serta, pulled out the stops with its Maestro (two-sided) and Colonnade (no-flip) models. Cashmere is one of the most important elements in producing bedding products. With the visco-elastic foam placed in the bottom, it is quilted into an ideal sleeping surface.

"Doesn't that sound wonderful?" asked Kally Fraser, Serta's director of corporate communications. The models cost $4,000 retail for a queen.

Ready for another sundae?


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