The importance of sleep for your health and family

Sleep breaks, eating is always the essential needs of human being especially the importance of sleep, they occupy 1/3 time. If the rest is affected will cause the biological clock disorder to leave the wisdom consequences for your primary health. To help people get to know more about the meaning of sleep for health and solution to having reasonable sleep time, the world's free mattress together you discover right in this article.

The meaning of sleep for human health

Sleep for Skin

One effect of best sleep to human health is always to maintain healthy skin, not aging. The facility says this is because in the course of rest will be the best time for the body to detoxify at the same time also as creating opportunities for the recovery skin more efficiently. Not only that when sleeping the facial muscles are absolute rest so if you have a deep sleep that will contribute to minimizing wrinkles in the eyes and forehead.


Sleep for Mind

In a working day, your brain will always have to function at full capacity. So if it lasts the situation, it will be seriously hurt. So that you maintain a regular daily sleep that will reduce the pressure on the brain and help the spirit become more intelligent and improve the ability to concentrate on humans. Namely, according to the traffic police statistics, there are about 40% of road accidents are caused by driving a lack of sleep.

When we sleep the brain still works very well. In particular, it will create concurrent links that link events throughout the day and through the past. So if you sleep enough will bring two effects to the brain is the ability to learn and mind. Thanks to that human memory have also been significantly strengthened.

So, the good sleep is always the premise, catalyst that helps to provide excellent support for health, increase memory and the ability to concentrate you on an efficient working day, devote more to life.

Sleep for body

The human immune system depends heavily on sleep. So your body has sufficient resistance to fight disease or not partly because sleep is brought. So when you suffer from prolonged sleep shortages will make human immunity the ability to be stagnant, functioning poorly. This will be the golden chance for the harmful bacteria that attack the body causing the hard-to-heal diseases.


Also, lack of sleep will cause our body to develop the body in any way slowly: height, wisdom, fitness,... Especially for children. Therefore, you must always have a logical and scientific timeline to ensure the body has a comprehensive development.

Sleep for Weight

Some people think that more rest will be more fat. However, according to the nutritional experts, the weight of human being only really rises when you lack sleep. Explaining to this, they have pointed out that when you sleep less than the body's activity time as much so that the energy consumption is growing so the more dietary. In contrast to sleep enough, everything is back in equilibrium and reasonable, it is easy to help you control your weight.

Sleep for longevity

Harvard scientists said that only you sleep an extra hour of the day will likely minimize the risk of stroke and cardiovascular within six weeks. In contrast, if you sleep less than 7 hours in a day will make these illnesses more severe causing the life to fall.

How is an effective sleep

Sleep is the condition of the human body that requires resting when that nerve activity is limited, muscular relaxation, the consciousness most active temporarily. As it arises from body needs, muscle system, the nervous system should have enough time to help them reproduce, recharge the energy that guarantees the body's circulatory.

A night of restless sleep is when you perceive yourself to be energetic, awake and not continually depressed after every morning. Each person's rest has a difference in sleep time, sleep and some other factors but an active sleep should always meet two factors: enough sleep and deep sleep.


– Sleep enough: for the finished school people need to sleep time from 7 to 8 hours a day and for children sleep time it takes more than 10 to 12 hours.

-Deep sleeping: deep sleep is not startled, and the wake is also important factors affecting the quality of your sleep. A full, instant sleep that will support the improvement of the health and physical condition of your body.

The solution has a good sleep, ensuring the health

Choosing a good mattress

A good mattress, suitable in the sleeping room is also the ideal space for you to have a night of better sleep, quality. It is because of many good mattress health professionals that will have support and maximum support for the dorsal portion so the sleep will usually be deeper.

It is now a wide range of mattresses such as latex mattresses, spring mattresses, cotton mattresses, foam mattresses,... From many different brands. Each mattress has its strengths suitable for each age, different interests of each person. For the elderly, the Middle Ages prefer the choice of a flat surface, moderate, hardcover, and a selection of cotton mattresses, foam mattresses. In contrast to young people, like the smoothness of choice of spring mattresses, latex mattresses are the best.

Have enough sleep, on time

How many people often wonder how reasonable sleep is or how much sleep is enough? Most recently, sleep specialists for the best of human sleep are between 7 and 8 hours in adulthood. Also for children, the role of sleep is vital in height development, brain and weight should need more sleep time of about 10 to 14 hours a day.

However, in addition to maintaining reasonable sleep time you also need to keep in mind to sleep. That is, you should not wake up too late to sleep for 10 o'clock and wake up at 6 a.m. Not only do you have to try to relax so deeply.

Regular relaxation, fitness

How to get deep sleep? Doing quite simply, you need to let the mind be so serene, not to work wool into sleep. Alternatively, you can listen to a nomadic or a gentle exercise before sleeping. Especially before bed should not drink beer or tea and coffee; instead you should drink a hot milk li.

 In particular, regular physical activity, Yoga will have many advantages such as healing, weight loss and of course will help you have a better appetite. According to the study of Northwestern University, the daily exercise people can sleep more delicious than 45 minutes.

 With the share of how essential sleep matters for human health over the article, expect that you will know how to sleep is good for health. At the same time help you significantly improve the sleep-intensive condition.

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