Insomnia or sleeplessness can take many forms, difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep, waking up early in the night or waking up several times during sleep, each time longer than 30 minutes. Many of us suffer from one of the symptoms of insomnia.

When you have trouble sleeping, insomnia and stress can apply breathing techniques 4 - 7 - 8.


According to Dr. Andrew Weil, USA. He introduced a new technical guide called "relaxing breathing," which is done twice a day, performed continuously for 6-8 weeks, to reduce stress, making it easier for you to sleep.

This technique is a natural stress reliever for the nervous system, which simulates the breathing method of yoga and meditation, which helps the body relax. This technique is straightforward, time-consuming, requires no tools and can be done anywhere.

- Step 1: Sit straight back, exhale completely by mouth, creating wind.

- Step 2: Close your mouth and gently inhale through your nose, counting from 1 to 4.

- Step 3: Hold your breath and count from 1 to 7.

- Step 4: Exhale completely by mouth, forming a sound like the wind, counting from 1 to 8.


+ The whole process from step 1 to step 4 is to complete one breath. Once done, you repeat the cycle over three times until four breaths are performed.

+ "Remember that you always inhale gently through your nose and exhale clearly through your mouth. The tip of your tongue needs to be placed in a position (usually in the upper jaw of the upper jaw) throughout the process of breathing - breathing, Dr. Weil emphasized.

+ "The whole time you spend on each step is not important, the ratio of 4: 7: 8 when you breathe in, breathe out or hold your breath needs to be noted", he added.

+ The most crucial part in this process is to hold the breath for 8 seconds. Keeping this breath allows oxygen to fill your lungs and then helps circulate blood effectively throughout your body. This increase in oxygen may have a relaxing effect.

+ Focusing on the breath can make you forget stressful thoughts and allow you to pay attention to calmnesRelated post: /what-is-silk-fabric-from-a-z-silk-woven-fabrics-satin-silk-silk-gam/

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