What is an electric blanket? What kind of electrical padding is good?

 Electric blankets are new heating products that appear in recent years are most used by consumers in winter. Thanks to the power and convenience, sheets (cushion) help users keep the body warm in cold weather through the power conversion mechanism into heat. However, many people are still disturbed to ask many questions when choosing this electric blanket product line. Is electric blanket safe? Buy any good electric coverage? To ensure consumers have a precise knowledge of the range of electric blanket products, owning a safe-durable appliance – a reasonable price

What is an electric blanket?

An electric blanket is a heating device called a variety of names such as electrical cushion, heating, heating is composed by two main parts of the control equipment and the buffer part (blankets) with heat, keeping the body warm by the organization that converts power to The thermal energy creates a mild warmth.


According to the name of the official name manufacturers of this product line is electrical padding but based on the useful features that consumers, distributors, supermarket stores call this type of mattress with the electric blanket, electrical heating cushions. In particular, this line of products is used only for use and not to be used. However, nowadays manufacturers use with a wide variety of materials that help the high-level electric blanket product be able to be used (there are items in product details), but experts do not recommend this.

Electric blankets are usually designed with lightweight, neatly conveniently easy to carry away or preserved when not in use. Products consume very little electricity, easy to use, sanitary, protected and can spread to lay up or wrap around the person.

Electrical heating Blanket Structure

Electric blanket

The vertebral body is composed of two or more layers, including two main layers of thermal conductor and outer mantle. The thermal conductors consist of thermogenic cores and synthetic fibers that are resistant to heat, stamina, and anti-water. The outer crust is fabric layers: velvet fabric, cotton fabric, imitation leather,... Soft, warm, non-irritating skin irritation.

Equipment for the control of a blanket (buffer)

Depending on the manufacturers that the device's control equipment has a different structure, it is usually composed of 7 levels of maintaining different temperature for the user to easily adjust the temperature that fits the demand and temperature outdoors.


Use an electric blanket to be safe?

Do many consumers often wonder how safe blankets are used? The exact answer is very secure. Because the electric blanket is designed to be completely safe with the thermal fiber system which is located inside the resin layer insulation and insulation. So you need to use the right way not to encounter any explosion-burning incident.

Moreover, to increase the convenience and prevention of the unfortunate accidents that today in each of the heating products have an automatic thermal sensor. When the historical hot occurrence the product will disconnect itself not to cause injuries to the user. Besides, the products are also equipped with new induction wired system that affects optimum electrical leakage. Using the source converter with voltage level is 12v, so when used you will not have to worry about the harm of electric blankets affecting health.

High-efficiency electric blanket

+ Warm-up electric blankets that provide a stable heat source for the body that helps to dispel cold prices of winter.

+ Sources of heat that radiates from drying the mains dry, eliminating the wet gas where the bed is located.

+ Winter blankets provide excellent support for blood circulation, the blood due to the stable heat that helps the body to relax, deep down to sleep.

+ Electrical Heating blankets are perfect for health, keeping your body warm, good for muscles and joints, especially suitable for young children and older adults.

Complete Electrical Safety Blanket

The electric blanket is designed to be completely safe with the safe sensors automatically interrupts when the voltage is changed, against electrical leaks and the use of 12v power supply safely when used.

+ Thanks to the heat sensor that helps to interrupt itself when the heat is hot (locally in a cell) helps keep the body temperature warm.

+ Automatic power obstruct when the voltage changes dramatically keep the user safe.

+ The complete induction power system does not cause electrical leakage out.

+ 12v voltage is very secure for its users.


Use of electric blanket saves the economy

+ Electrical power Cushion heating consumes less power, utilizing 60w – 150w consumption in normal conditions. Electric blankets only consume power level by 1/10 compared to electric furnaces and 1/15 compared to air conditioning so use a blanket that helps to save more cost than much other heating types of equipment.

+ Electric blankets have very reasonable prices, the money bags should have high economic properties – saving.

+ Electric blankets are highly versatile due to a compact design, you can carry away easy, convenient for the move.

+ Not only the heating application for a warm, pleasant feeling that the electric blanket helps the air in the room airy and more pleasant.

Electric blankets easily sanitary, preservative

Electric blankets are available at 40 ° C temperature (do not use squeezed mode, washing is always done) or wash by hand. However, it should not be laundry regularly to ensure that the thermal conductor system is not deaerated, so use a thin terminal that is on the surface of the buffer (blankets) helps to restrict laundry, hygiene. Besides, electric blankets are made of lightweight, easily compact for moving, preserved when not in use, not to occupy many storage space area.

High-life blankets

A heating blanket, heating with very high use of life, if properly used, the manufacturer's guidance, the products may use up to 20 years of longevity.

How to choose to buy a quality and safety blanket

Attention to Origin, the brand of electric blankets

When selecting an electric blanket for your family needs to pay attention to its origin. That is, you should be interested in the brand of products that are reputable in the market. Because for those brands that have a breadth of experience and are crowded by a favorite, when used to be safe.

Moreover, most of them are high-level goods, so all specifications are standard. Also, such conditions as electrical leakage, small fire during use will not occur, and another important thing is durability is quite long. Currently, the market appears many reputable brands from the Korean high-class electric blanket, Japanese electric cushion such as Akira electric Blanket, Mega Life, Fukada, Kyungdong, Beurer,... You can refer.


Depending on the appropriate electric blanket Selection object

An electric blanket can be used for a wide variety of ages, but each generation refits one with a specific product. For older adults should use warm velvet blankets and the lack of need, small children using electric blankets with cotton material that helps to penetrate good sweat.

Buy electric blankets at a prestige address

Another criterion when choosing a buffer is to consider the purchase address. Instead of running with heavenly-style advertising and being sold beyond the market, you should decide to buy in reputable addresses specializing in actual sales. Since most of these sales agents are extremely quality, long-term warranty, the enthusiastic team of consultants helps you to choose and use the heating power mat safely.

What type of electrical padding is best?

Today, Vietnam has a wide variety of electric blankets made from various countries with an incredibly diverse code. In which electric blanket brands are usually accessible in Japan, Korea, and Germany,... Every routine is designed to design quality products tailored to the needs of consumers.

Japanese electric Blanket

Japanese electric blankets are the inherited products of the flower technology produced on the incredibly modern and advanced lines of Japan. Japanese electric blankets help the user have a night of better sleep, deeper in cold weather prices, consume less power, diversified designs, luxurious design, easy to use.

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