What is cotton fabric? Explore current Cotton fabrics

Cotton fabrics are becoming more popular in the production of apparel and blanket pillows padded by their advantages. With materials made from natural, durable, lightweight, airy, extremely good sweat absorbent, cotton fabrics are increasingly popular in Vietnamese markets.

What are cotton fabric materials?

Cotton fabrics are synthetic fabrics made from natural ingredients in which the main component is the cotton that creates softer, smoothness to the user. Also, so that cotton fabric is increasingly commonly used as the present.


With many remarkable advantages such as airy, absorbent sweat is good anti-abrasive, easy to dye and mold resistant. Sources of raw materials are abundant, readily available from natural materials, and cotton material is used very much in the garment field with mainstream products such as pillow pillows, cushions, clothing, skirts,... Meet the needs of the user.

Origin of cotton fabric

The current cotton image no longer appears much in the living life of the General people. In the early days to get a warm shirt in the winter, people had struggled in cotton fields until Harvest day. After the harvest of dry cotton will be pulled into a strand to create cloth for clothing.

With the development of science and technology such as contemporary dance, the textile industry is also working on general construction. Cotton fabrics possess many outstanding characteristics so that more and more applications are in specially produced in the production of pillow blankets, fashionable,...

Advantages of cotton fabric

Edges of Cotton Fabrics

Cotton fabrics are made from natural raw materials, environmentally friendly. This cloth does not irritate the skin as a good choice for those who are allergic or asthma. Products made from cotton fabrics are highly durable, soft, well-ventilated is the advantage over other materials on the market.

Disadvantages of cotton fabrics

Cotton fabrics with blemishes are reasonably stiff and do not match the female main so to overcome this weakness the producers have used Spandex fibers to help the structure be soft. Also, products that are made entirely from natural ingredients should be priced to have more expensive parts.

Classification of fabrics present

Referring to cotton material must be no stranger to us because this cloth is widely used in fashion production, blankets pillows. Each cotton cloth has different features and properties that give users many new experiences.

Cotton Fabrics 100%


Cotton Fabrics 100% are made entirely from natural cotton, which owns the ability to penetrate moisture fast and help good air circulation give the user a pleasant, comfortable feeling. Products made from this material are suitable for wet air-year-round in our country.

Cotton Fabrics 100% have many outstanding features so that they have quite a high price. This is considered the only high-grade fabrics that produce popular brands, new well-known handbags using this fabric material to provide.

Cotton Poly Fabric

Cotton Poly is a synthesis of cotton yarn and other synthetic fibers. The significant advantage of this cloth is the lightweight, high durability, the ability to stretch well, the price is low, so they are widely used in the current life. The Polycotton canvas can be used by a wide variety of laundry and water-discharge powder that should save the cost and effort of women's sisters.

Satin Cotton Fabrics

Satin cotton fabrics are made from safe, natural cotton yarn for the user's health. Satin cotton fabric has a fiber density of 300/inch square, and the fibers are only small because the cloth face is always soft, shiny. This cloth also has the advantage of being a good and dry moisture-resistant feel that makes it easy to use.


Material Silk cotton fabric

Silk cotton is the delicate combination of 50% natural cotton and 50% silk yarn that brings the user feeling soothing, pleasant. The environmentally friendly silk material gives the feeling of soft, smooth, crisp,... Overcoming the downside of natural cotton. Silk cotton fabrics are many applications in the apparel fashion and the production of pillow cushions.

What is velvet cotton fabric?

This is a fabric that combines harmonious and cotton material that makes it a cool, softer for the user. Cotton-colored fabrics are not faded, less wrinkled, ruffled during use, so you are completely assured of the quality of the product. Cotton Velvet material is highly appreciated by fast sweat tolerance that always gives the person the feeling of comfort, pleasant day throughout the hot summer weather.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton fabrics Only listen to the name you also guessed to be the origin of this cloth. The significant advantage of Egyptian cotton fabric is the soft, superior durability compared to other cotton fabrics on the market today. This cloth does not fade or is less wrinkled during use.

Cotton Fabrics 65/35 (CVC)

Cotton fabric 65/35 is a combination of the two fibers that are cotton and PE fibers. The ratio of these two components is 35% PE, and cotton fiber accounted for 65% also because of this cotton fabric that the 65/35 has to be durability, good elasticity, fast moisture ability. The materials are significantly cheaper than the cotton fabric 100%, but with other types of the same kind in the market, it is still quite high.

Cotton fabric 35/65 (Tixi)

Cotton Tixi fabric produces and resembles fabric cotton fabrics 65/35, But the ratio of fibers has a swapping of each other. In this fabric material, the PE fiber is 65%, and cotton fiber only accounted for 35%. Cotton 35/65 is divided under this formula should have somewhat overcome the inherent hardness of PE that makes the feeling soft, comfortable for the user. This is a variety of fabrics used in the fashion industry.

Application of cotton material in current production

Cotton fabrics are now increasingly being heavily applied in the manufacturing industry primarily in the field of fashion and production of pillow blankets.  Let's find out about the great applications that cotton fabric gives to our lives.

Cotton fabric for production of pillow blankets

Mattress pillows made from cotton fabrics are always varied in design, pattern, color to consumers with more options. Products made from cotton fabrics are high in color durability due to activated dyes. With a character that is exceptionally well-absorbent, ventilation is a feeling of smoothness during use.

Question Blankets pillows made from cotton polycotton are cool? Always be questioned by my sister. This cloth is used in the production of pillow blankets by they own the ability to suck well and overcome the limitations of cotton fabrics. Cotton-poly material is made from free clean materials safe with consumer health.

Products of mattress pillows made from Satin cotton fabrics always give the user the feeling of good, comfortable thanks to sweat permeability and help with good air circulation.

Silk cotton fabric in the production of cushion pillows made from silk has a good sweat permeability in the hot season, and both keep the heat well in the cold season. These products make silk Cotton brings luxury, sophistication, and modern for your bedrooms.

Blanket-Pillows for cotton-fiber materials always give the user a new feeling of novelty. The material of Velvet Cotton is known to be non-susceptible to fading, low-wrinkled, unruffled so that the pillow manufacturers are always in favor of this cloth.

The Egyptian cotton fabric entered the green eye of the blanket-mattress makers to own the outstanding advantage is high durability, softer than the same cotton. Mattress pillows made from Egyptian cotton fabrics with the sweet and printed pattern in the surface are always sharp and good quality.

Cotton fabric application in the manufacture of fashionable items

Cotton fabrics are many in fashion apparel. This cloth carries a calm, gentle feeling, less wrinkled, but still has a certain hardness that can make up a luxury for users.

The more prominent cotton fabrics are the other cotton fabrics that change the main ingredient of the structure to increase the elasticity. Before you use, you will have a fresh, slippery, smooth feeling from the first touch. Cotton raw materials are favorite by not being wrinkled to bring sophistication and elegance to the user. The color of the fabric is always bright to convey the feeling entirely new, strange to the consumer.

Science and technology of human development are increasingly finding out different fabrics that are better to cater to life. Cotton Fabrics 100% are heavily used in the field of fashion because of the ability to permeability good sweat and to cool the body efficiently. Cotton Fabrics 100% do entirely from natural cotton so that it is safe with the user health and is increasingly getting the trust of consumers.

How to tell cotton fabric material

Although cotton fabric now has become popular few people know how to get to know. The following are some ways to see that we have been cast forward that will help you.

Identify by senses

With the naked eye, we can compare the difference between cotton fabric and the type of Nilon. The first is that cotton cloth in the folding process has left the folds on the surface of the product left back to contain the component plastic, not to any folded folds. When touching directly into the product made from cotton fabric, you will feel soft and relaxed.

Use of recognizable heat learned

Not only are identifiable by the ability to permeability the fabric that you can also use by the Heat method. You need a little cloth to apply the flame to verify that cotton canvas is real. In the course of execution, if you see the fire that is pink, odorless, the fabric ash after the squeeze will feel soft, which is the cotton cloth.


Get to know by water permeability

Cotton fabrics are highly appreciated by effective water resistance, and you can get to see the cotton material by water permeability. Each of these fabrics has a different main ingredient rate so that the level of water permeability also has a clear distinction. As cotton fabrics, 100% can penetrate fast water and are even on the surface. Or as cotton 65/35, there is a definite proportion of the ratio of PE and cotton fiber, overcoming the PE weakness to help fabric with high durability and the ability to penetrate the best efficiency.

Guide to Hygiene and preservation of the cotton fabric

The hygiene and protection of the right way in the process of use is the determining factor to the durability of the product. When using any of the products made from this cloth you should learn and understand the sanitation and preservation rules.

Sorting before washing

Classification is the first step is also crucial for sorting color clothing, material cloth before conducting laundry. Why the rating is considered important because to avoid damaging, fading clothes in the washing process.

Do not use too strong cleaners

To always keep your clothes as new as you need to choose and use laundry powder with a neutral PH, do not use a strong cleaning chemical to affect the quality and durability of the product.

Do not soak the cotton cloth too long in the soap

Note using products made from cotton fabrics you should not soak too long in water will be easy to fade in color. So you should only soak a few minutes or laundry not to affect the quality of the product.

Avoid exposure to sunshine, dry up

Choosing where the disclosure is also quite crucial by affecting the product's durability. When exposed to products made from cotton fabric material you should avoid exposure to a wide range of sun and choose the dry, airy place to ensure the durability of the fabric.

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