What is lace fabric? The pros of lace fabric bring in life.

Lace fabric is a cloth that is taking up a consumer's affection, especially female by a luxurious, delicate and exquisite appearance of the costume. With soft, thick, but not hot, this fabric always gives the user a pleasant, comfortable feeling. So, what is the lace fabric? The characteristic of the lace cloth and how to preserve it stars to ensure it is durable, avoid happening quickly tearing, broken. The share below will help you understand, have an overview of lace fabrics, how to protect and effectively use.

What is lace fabric?

As research experts said, the actual lace fabric is a fabric that is combined from a variety of fabric fibers together by the iteration method, twisted or braided a strand to create vulnerabilities or gaps on the fabric surface. The unique point is the number of strands and the more knitting nose, and the lace cloth will be more durable and quality. Lace fabrics are usually woven from three main materials, cotton, silk and silk.


Lace fabrics are now widely used in various fields to create different products that meet market demand. With threaded material can be used in the garment industry as wedding gowns, skirts, accessories fashionable accessories or beautiful interior widgets.

Origin of Lace Fabric

According to some research documents that showed the laces out from the end of the XV century, the early XVI century was associated with a fashion selling classic style. From there so far the laces were commonly used and more widespread in the countries of Spain, England, France but the most famous remained Belgian. It is therefore considered a cradle of lace material.


Currently, laces are used flexibly creating many different fashion products from lace fabrics combined with a variety of materials, patterns, designs... The products designed with lace are always brought to elegance, splendor, femininity, charm, and charm for the user.

Current Lace Fabrics

Based on a lace technique that is divided into two main categories are the needle lace (needle lace) and lace rolls (bobbin lace).

-Lace Kim: For this type of woven needle weaving is quite simple mostly by a needle with sugar just incredibly dull. Hence this type of lace is quite stiff and crude, it is also known as the Renaissance lace.

-Threaded roll: Type lace roll is a high-grade lace; it is made from a lot of fibers that are only different in color. However, compared to the weaving phase it's simpler than the needle lace very much.


Today, thanks to modern textile technology, which has been given a wide variety of new high-grade lace fabrics such as silk lace, cotton lace, rock lace, lace only and net lace fabric, floral lace.

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Advantages of Lace Fabric

The benefits of lace fabric bring

Lace fabric has an unusual texture and advanced modern textile technique to wear incredibly cool, pleasant fabric. Not only that with natural scaling has helped the wearer feel completely relaxed. Especially at the time that the weather has been worn by the embroidery clothes that are made from the lace cloth will be able to penetrate extreme sweat so good should not leave the unpleasant odor on clothing. Another advantage is that the lace cloth when worn it will create a beautiful attraction that empowers the person's gentle appearance.

Also because it is woven styled as a thin mesh plate so the ability to escape moisture in ultra-fast fabrics, so the cloth will be less mildew at times the weather has a lot of rain. Besides laces, there is a more striking advantage, which is very easy to decorate and be freely decorated with a lot of lovely textures to create new designs and styles.

Limitations of Lace Fabric

+ laces are made from a variety of cloth fibers, the pattern has small, thin holes so when the sewing needs to be accompanied by other fabrics inside.

+ The fabric is comfortable to wear when you have a sharp object.

+ laces are hand-wash only and are entirely not using a washing machine, which may cause damage.

+ preservation, complex protection.

Embroidery Applications in life

Because the textile technique is increasingly growing, the quality of the material is well-lifted. So it's also going to dominate the market and be quite a lot of favorites. The proof is that beautiful lace fabric has been applied to in a lot of areas of life.

In apparel

First, it is in the garment industry. Due to the very cold, pleasant and soft laces, it is often used to sew skirts for brides or dresses for girls, foot skirts, underwear. The interesting point is that when wearing the threaded material will have a magnificent effect on the skin and bring a look full of noble but equally gentle.

In the interior

Also, lace fabric also applied in interior decoration. In particular, it is often used as a white lace cloth for curtains, tablecloth, and ribbons. Besides lace fabrics are also used to sew knee blanket products; Cheap, high-grade,... mattresses are selected. Because according to many consumers ' reviews when located on the pillow products are made from the lace material will be incredibly cool. The spirit of the word is more relaxed, and when the laundry is quickly drier.

How to wash, preserve lace fabric

How to clean products made from lace fabric

Compared to other materials, the laces were hardly protected. Because when it's painting, it's a new thing if they won't make the cloth tear. Moreover, it is not used for washing machines. Especially before exposure should not be squeezed will damage the surface of the cloth. In addition to ensuring the durability of the fabric should not be used as a dense brush. It is best to use gentle hands. Besides, if you want to bleach the lace cloth can mix a little salt and lemon juice and soap into the water and soak for 15 minutes then the laundry is clean.

Note: If the new product is washing first, we should separate from other types of clothes to avoid the soap and color with different types.

How to expose lace products

Do not let the direct cloth contact with the sun because:

+ fabrics are natural to crispy, dry, hard to cause quick fabric phenomena, high durability.

+ Fast-to-color loss products, prone to other colors and old

Therefore, it is a good idea to expose the product in a cold, windy, or outdoor light.

The way is, ironing product laces

Materials made of lace are woven from a variety of cloth fibers together so very thin and flammable at high temperatures. Therefore, the best when ironing we should let la have low heat and not too long avoid products that are not as original. Some, the lace product has a great charm; we can hook up the grow clothes without the need for much ironing.

Hopefully with this knowledge will give you more experience when using products from this material.

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