What is polyester fabric? Are polyester fabrics good?

Polyester fabric is a synthetic fiber material, it is resistant to wrinkle, anti-dirt, mildew and has aesthetic properties. Thus today, the polyester material is used so much in the garment industry, especially the production of pillow blankets. If you haven't had a lot of insights on this fabric, let's go to the world of free backing up polyester fabrics? How to protect and preserve polyester material right in the article below.

What is polyester fabric?

Polyester or also referred to as Poly is a synthetic fiber that is made up of very long in about 1951. This material is derived from coal, air, and oil. To create material polyester, scientists have conducted a chemical reaction between alcohol and acid. From there many molecules combine randomly together to give out a large molecule that has a similar structural structure.


Today the polyester fiber is classified into two primary forms, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and poly-1, 4-cyclohexylene-Dimethylene Terephthalate (PCST). In which the PET is commonly used as it has high durability and can be used independently or mixed with other fabrics to increase the anti-wrinkle, optimal antibacterial.

Are polyester fabrics good?

Are polyester fabrics good? It's the question of quite a lot of people when using the products from the polyester material. With the downside analysis below that this material brings you peace of mind when choosing products of pillow blankets, clothes,... Made from this material.

Outstanding strengths of polyester fiber fabric

– Wrinkle Resistance

A first eminent characteristic of polyester material is exceptional anti-wrinkle capability. Namely, throughout the process of using you easy washing without fear, it has a pinch of a wrinkled phenomenon or stretching. It is an essential element to produce clothing or mattress pillows that are high in durability with time and always as early as possible.

– Easy Cleaning

Besides, the polysubstance cannot absorb dirty substances and is easily hygienic. There is this by the surface of the shiny, silky cloth that makes the dirt impossible to cling in cloth fibers throughout the process of use.

Especially the poly fabric material is considered to be the product for modern life because it is easy to wash. You can either remove your hand or by a machine that is not afraid to affect the durability of a polyester fiber cloth.

– High Color durability

Besides, the canvas can dye incredibly impressive. In particular, when you apply this fiber to the production of mattress-pillow products or clothing, its color is perfect. Thus that has brought the sharp beauty, perfect for the product. Moreover the ability to keep its color pretty durable so you can comfortably wash without fear of being faded.

Not only that due to the process of dying and rigorous production, but this cloth also has high durability and can withstand the impact of various active types. Furthermore, abrasion levels of fabric even exceed the other standards of many.

– Water resistant & antifire Remarkable

Do many people often wonder whether polyester fabrics are hot or waterproof polyester fabric? The answer is no, besides the remarkable advantages on the Poly canvas, the ability to resist water, the fire is superior, safe and comfortable for the user throughout the process of use.

This advantage is best known when you use Korean mattresses with cushioning layers made from polyester fabrics. Soft, waterproof, airy materials are the reasons why the sisters would love to use this type of buffer for the whole family, especially young children.

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– Good insulation

Another advantage is that it is also capable of thermal insulation and anti-moisture rather well if the use of mattress pillows made from this material in winter will be hot and avoid the wet condition.

– Price Saver

The cost of saving is also a significant plus point for the consumption of this material. This helps families to save considerable damage to the costume shopping or cushion pillow.


However, the polyester cloth has a relatively hot disadvantage due to poor sweat resistance and high-thickness, substantial weight. To remedy this downside, the polyester products are blended with other materials that help to reduce weight, increasing the ability to penetrate the alternative to this traditional fabric fiber.

The application of polyester fabric in life now

Due to its many features, remarkable advantages should be Poly fabric to be applied in quite a variety of fields such as apparel, furniture, special pillows for cotton cushion.

Garment Industry

It was first used to sew clothing because of its strong ability and always remained as early as the original. So these types of costumes are sewn from the fascinating poly material, useful anti-wrinkle capacity and easy to wash the laundry.


Production of pillow blankets

Besides, it is also applied in the field of manufacturing pillow cushions from famous brands such as Red River, Hanvico, Everon, Everhome, Korea,... The common advantage of the cotton cushion made from polyester material is that each has an incredibly dark hardness and elasticity that supports the perfect flat level, which helps the maximum spine during sleep sitting.

Better sleep. Also helps the spirit of man be relaxed more comfortably. Besides, it is also used as electrical insulation, water-proof towel, curtains or used in the production of ropes in the industry.


Not only are applications in the garment industry, producing buffer pillows that are applied polyester material in the interior field. With many interior products using polyester materials such as sofas,... curtains

How to preserve, using polyester material

 Unlike other materials, the preservation and use of polyester fabrics are quite simple. You can wash it manually or the machine also. When the laundry can use more discharge water for soft fabric. However, it should not take too hot water for washing or too big laundry to reduce the durability of the cloth. Especially due to wrinkling resistant cloth, so you don't have to be it much throughout the process of use.

Hoping for what the recently shared article will help you find the right answer on a great polyester fabric problem?

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