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What is silk fabric- From A-Z silk woven fabrics, satin silk, silk gam.

Silk fabric is a high-grade and luxurious material. Since the ancient, it was a pole to bring tribute to the king. So far its value has not changed and is increasingly increasing. So what are the fabrics that are used by many priorities? The article below will clarify all inquiries for you.

How is silk cloth?

Silk is a cloth that has thin and rather smooth surfaces. It is woven from silk fibers. The most exciting thing is to be able to produce silk cloths, who must be nurtured on a broad and then take the silk and see into a strand then weave the fabric.

However, to be able to develop silk should be an excellent green strawberry garden. And the quality of the strawberry leaves will produce a variety of high-end silk canvas products.


The most common silk fabrics currently

Today, thanks to the advanced textile technology along with a mix of different proportions, one can produce a separate high-end structure. Also, there are many kinds of silk, which are not consumers who can identify and distinguish. Here are some commonly used silk fabrics you can refer to:

Silk Fabrics

In a list of materials, silk fabrics are the most popular and widely used in many areas. The facility is so because it is entirely woven by manual, refined technique, natural white color tusk. It is extraordinarily simple, but it is often extremely high in durability and is also very cool.


Satin Silk Fabrics

One of the next fabrics is satin silk cloth. This is a cloth made from high-grade silk fibers and a technique for a short procedure. So that the knitting fibers are inserted together more closely to bring a smoother, shiny softer for the product.

Silk Cotton Fabrics

The third type is the silk cotton fabric. This cloth is synthesized from two silk fibers and cotton, so it carries its qualities of both types. Thus it was incredibly shiny and extremely high-electrostatic capability. Especially when the laundry is not wrinkled, it is suitable for use in all weather.

Silk Fabrics

The unique combination between the two silk material and Glukewarm has created an incredibly high-grade fabric and quality, which is the warm silk cloth. Because of the most outstanding advantages from two high-quality materials, silk is characterized by soft, thick, colorful, luxurious textures, often used to sew festive clothing, banquet or high-quality pillow production.

At present, there are not a few beautiful products in Hanoi that are produced from silk materials that help the bedroom become luxurious and noble, and bring the person who lies incredibly relaxing moments. Product material is especially suitable for married couples.

Silk Sand Fabrics

As soft fabrics, thin, glamorous, silk and materials are popular applications in sewing dresses. The particular point for the name of the sand silk is from the surface of the gas cloth when the light brush is felt like the sand particles are moving. This is also the most preferred fabric of consumers in recent times.


How to distinguish Chinese silk – silk Vietnam

Because the demand for the use of silk fabric is growing taller, there has been a parody of tea in the Vietnamese market so much. It is also known as Chinese silk. At first glance, the eyes are often identical, but if carefully observed, you will see the material of Vietnamese silk fabrics touching very smooth, crisp and sleek. While Chinese silk was slightly inferior to a little.

In addition to being dressed in silk, though the weather is hot how the sweat still gets sucked out without sticking out the jacket and leaving unpleasant odors. In addition to handmade textiles, most of the pattern on canvas is quite simple, mild and not very sharp colors of China.

Besides, the Vietnamese silk canvas is usually not significant, while the Chinese painting is diversified enough. Not only that when the pull of a strand of cloth will give out the smell and make the charcoal, lightly touching will melt the Chinese and also the infamous smell, but the inlets do not create the coal-soluble.

The preeminent characteristic of silk fabric

Silk fabrics have quite a lot of outstanding advantages. The first striking feature is the fabric fibers that are woven quite firmly. So that its durability is exceptionally optimal. Also, the surface of the fabric is very sleek far beyond the other material. So it brings pretty high aesthetic value. Besides, silk fabrics are also capable of keeping the perfect heat so quite suitable for winter.

Application of silk fabric now

Today silk fabric is applied in many different fields. The first must mention the production of clothing. These costumes are sewn from the incredibly expensive silk cloth and have reasonably high durability. Furthermore, its extreme sweat capacity is best at the days of weather-oi painting. In winter wearing silk costume also has a pretty good warm effect.

Besides, silk fabric is also used as ultra-decorative furnishings such as curtains, veil. Besides producing cushioning pillows are also frequently used silk material.

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How to preserve best silk fabric

With the particularity, it is carried in natural fibers, so the way to protect silk fabric is also different from other materials. Which means you should not be washing with other products to avoid fading and shrinkage only. Next up is before the laundry should soak the cloth into the warm water that mixes the soap for 5 minutes.

In particular, it is necessary to use a gentle hand, not to use chemicals that reduce the durability of the cloth. When exposure should choose a cool place, do not place a lot of sunlight to live on.

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