What is Tencel fabric? The remarkable advantages of tencel material

Recently Tencel fabric is the most commonly used material in the textile industry like clothing, blankets pillow cushions with famous brands are Everon, Henrico, Red River,... So what is the Tencel fabric material? Do more points know this material compared to another type? Let's get together the free world to find out in the article below Nhé.

What is Tencel fabric?

The Tencel fabric (or Lyocell) is a biological material that is extracted from natural trees that have high levels of cellulose such as eucalyptus, eucalyptus. The timber bark of this plant has a preliminary, crushing into the dough and then using the nanotechnology that pulls into fibers that make up the tencel safe, durable and friendly material for the health of the user.


Characteristics of the Tencel fabric


Like traditional cotton fabrics, Tencel fabrics are similarly textured and fully integrated the advantages of this cloth as soft, smooth, airy, moist, well-absorbent sweat high,... Tencel material also remedied some of the disadvantages of cotton fabric, making up the difference of tencel cloth fibers compared to other materials.

– Environmentally friendly Tencel fabrics

Tencel fabric fibers are capable of self-biodegradable in the soil, so it ensures safety, non-infectious schools. In particular, in the process of producing fabrics not using any solvents, any harmful chemicals which affect the health and surroundings.

The whole wood powder and cellulose used during the production process are closed, the solvents used are recycled. The garbage in the Tencel fiber production process evenly decomposes naturally or dealt with biotechnology on the spot. Furthermore, in the method of forming the products Tencel fabric all do not use any detergent.

The appearance of Tencel material helps eliminate the negative impacts on the environment. As the Tencel fabric can reuse, this is a viable solution that the industry is aiming for in the purpose of protecting the living environment being threatened.

– Safety for Health

Another advantage is that tencel fiber fabric has to be the main is that it helps human health to be significantly improved. When buying a tencel cloth about garment costumes or buying Hanvico mattress blankets made from Tencel will help the user have a better sleep and do not irritate the skin. Especially with people with sensitive skin then selecting the apparel product from Tencel Fabric would be an incredibly intelligent decision by the likelihood of good moisture, non-irritating skin irritation.

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The Department has this because the tencel fibers can smoke extreme moisture should have reduced most of the harmful bacteria sticking to. According to the statistics of the researchers, the number of deleterious bacteria adhering into will be reduced to about 2000 times. So when lying on mattress products made from sweat tencel material will quickly be attracted to the very relaxed, not to cause a strange situation.

– Easy Hygiene and preservation

It is not only that there is a preeminent point that all tencel pillow products are easily hygienic, preserved without having to use any harmful chemicals that should be very good for the human respiratory system.

-Low elasticity and durability

Besides the distinguishing and structural characteristics of the traditional Cotton fabric, Tencel fabric integrates superior advantages, overcoming the downside of cotton fabric on the contraction or shrinkage, while in use. Tencel fabric is very soft, the ability to dry quickly and not be shrinkable, wrinkled during use and washing. Also, the Tencel fabric has high durability, withstand abrasion, appropriate in the garment field and producing high-grade mattress pillows.


Tencel fabrics Carry on themselves full of significant advantages to bringing users the new experience when used. However, this cloth is priced to be slightly higher than other materials.

Tencel Fabric application in life now

Due to the many prominent features that today the Tencel canvas is applied in quite a lot of fields. The most prominent of the two areas is the manufacture of garment products and the production of pillows.

Clothing Manufacturing

As many of the clients ' reviews, the clothes that are sewn with tencel material will penetrate very well and airy sweat so will not accumulate the unpleasant odor. Therefore, Tencel fabric is used much in costumes such as athletic clothing, summer costumes,...

Material Tencel not only gets consumer preference that manufacturers also prefer to create products from Tencel because of the diverse coding patterns, easy to develop, soft dyed colors and design products that bring high value.


Production of pillow blankets

Not only is the widespread application in the garment industry, but the Tencel cloth is also applied to many in the production of cushion pillow. With high-level pillow blankets from the Red River train station, Hanvico, Everon,... Beautiful designs, luxurious designs, varied colors.

Mattress pillows using Tencel fabric with superior advantages can penetrate good sweat, ventilation, fast suction to help cushion pillows with average humidity, ensuring the best comfort of the user. Besides, this line of products does not irritate the skin, minimizing the growth of bacteria, safety for the health of the user.

How to preserve, potty fabric tencel

Materials are tencel very quickly dry and are not shrinkable or melted, so you can comfortably wash it. But it is best to be about 1 to 2 weeks/times. However, you should still be aware of some of the following points:

Laundry Knee Blanket Tencel properly

According to many psychological people think that products and pillows that have tencel cushions also do books with similar manipulation of other material products. This is entirely wrong to make the pillow vacuum cleaner that is seriously fired, so the washing blanket of Tencel fabric pillow should be noted.

For tencel material when washing you should not take the water too hot which should only be used under 30 degrees Celsius. There is such a structure of the new fabric that holds the original not to be wrinkled or vulnerable during use. When washing is also used only for neutral cleaners, avoid excessive detergent that will lose the natural color of the cloth.

Furthermore, you should not use a dense brush on the surface of the fabric that uses gentle hands. Should be classified while laundry means that you only wash their own without sharing with other tissues.

Classification of products when washing, absolutely adhere to the principle of not cleaning general blanket Tencel pillows with other materials together to make sure not to be faded into the aesthetic loss.

Expose, preserving blankets for Tencel fabric pillow

When exposure should choose the shady place, many winds do not expose the sun. Wet rainy days when washing should use electric fans to dry up, it is not recommended that the dryer has a high source of heat that will reduce the durability of the product.

Generally, tencel fabrics bring quite a lot of benefits, so you need to know how to use and preserve them accordingly. You have dropped through the free world buffer system to refer to samples of buffer pillows made from Tencel fabric.

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