What Size Is A Standard Futon Mattress

What size is a Futon mattress that you should choose to have a comfortable sleep? There are different kinds of sizes and features available in the market today. However, everyone has different preferences when it comes to their bed, so let us tackles some important things about Futon Mattress that might help give you additional ideas.

Futon mattress became a famous bed companion globally because of the comfort that it gives to everyone. The complete futon set is made of the mattress and a duvet which is both pliable adequate to be aired and folded that makes it very portable.

In tradition, Japanese is the first one to use it on the tatami, a type of mat utilized as a flooring component that provides a softer foundation for the futon mattress than durable flooring types such as woods and stones.

Now, to properly maintain the cleanliness of the Futon, the proper maintenance is to fold it away daily put it in the sunlight. This prevents mold from developing; I’m sure you do not want to sleep in a bed with mold on it, don’t you? By airing it into the sunlight, mites would also be prevented to spread in the futon. Do you know the best futon mattress size? Just click here: 8 Best Futon Mattress Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

In Japan, futons are usually being seen hanging over balconies which the sunlight greatly shines. In case that they do not have an ample space to hang the futon or if their people who use it are very busy enough to clean, then thanks to technology because there are now Futon Dryer that you could buy in appliances store.

what size is a futon mattress

On the other hand, there are those western-styles futons that typically resemble low. It is mostly made with wooden sofa beds, and it differs substantially from the Japanese counterparts. They have a dimension of the western mattress that is why it is too thick to fold 180 degrees. To avoid moving it to air regularly, especially in the dry indoor air of the centrally-heated house, the western mattress is often stored on a slatted frame.

To know what the best futon mattress is, you should first identify the right kind of Futon category that you long to have. Now, as stated above, there are different sizes of futon mattress which people could choose according to their preferences.

The size of the mattresses measures futon frames. There are two sizes of futon frames such as futon loungers and bi-fold futons. But all of them just fall into one of the four size groups that consist of a chair, full, twin, and queen.

For example, twin size futon mattress is the most suitable one for single use. If you mainly use the futon mattress for sitting or sleeping by yourself, we would like to recommend you to purchase it.

The chair is intended for sitting; you could mostly see it in the living room and adds a class in its area. The usual size of the chair futon body measures as 28” x 54” when opened to a bed position. An optional ottoman might be added that uses a mattress of 28” x 21”.

This time, we go with the Twin. There are two types of sizes when it comes to Twin Futon. They are the twin split and the twin lounger. Fortunately, they are both open to a twin size bed. The Twin Split body measures 39” x 54” when open. However, some people want to utilize it as a bed which they include an optional separate ottoman plus a matching double Ottoman Mattress that sized 39” x 21”.

The full futon bodies have three different styles that you could choose from. They are the Full, the Loveseat, and the full adjustable seat. All of them are open to a full-sized bed. The Full-size body appraises 75” x 54” when you open it. The Loveseat measures 54” x 54” when open. If ever you want to utilize it as a master bed, you could have an elective stand-alone ottoman plus a matching Ottoman mattress that measures 54” x 21”.

Last but not the least; the Full Lounger body with Love seat includes the Ottoman piece that slides in the frame.

This might be the most comfortable futon mattress for sleeping; the Queen Futon is one of the best sellers around the world as it gives a more relaxing feeling when taking a rest. The Queen Futon body comes in three different styles that you could choose according to your own choice.

what size is a standard futon mattress

They are the Queen size that measures 80” x 60” when open; the Queen split that measures 60” x 54” when open and the Queen Lounger which is similar to the Queen split. The only difference is that it already has the Ottoman part that glides into the frame.

See, there are a lot of things that you should know about buying a Futon Mattress. As the market offers a different style and quality, what you need to look for is the one that greatly suits you. If you follow the above tips you will be able to buy the standard Futon mattress for your needs.

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