What To Do With Old Futon Mattress

It is wonderful to have a futon mattress in your home, but what to do with old futon mattress? It becomes a bulky item you don’t know where and how to deal with it before going to the shop and purchase a new one. And, as you may know, getting the new futon mattress is more practical and economic than trying using the old one and getting unpleasant experience.

When you start getting sleeping problems caused by the poor performance of the current futon mattress or when the mattress provides your more and more discomfort than ever, they are some prior warning signals saying that it is time for you to purchase a new futon mattress for your family.

The purchase of a new futon mattress is in process, but the old one is still in your house? So what to do with old futon mattress? Throw it away or any ideas?

In fact, throwing the old futon mattress to the landfill is not the only choice. There are some creative and practical ways you can apply in this situation.

Give the old futon mattress away

Sometimes you may find that throwing the old futon mattress away is wasteful, particularly when it does not really perform so poorly for use. Instead of leaving it in the landfill, you can give it to someone who is in need of the futon mattress or who have a good way to recycle it for another purpose.

In this case, you are supposed to let your friends, family and acquaintances know about your plan of giving your old futon mattress away, then there will be someone needing it. Or if you find it still usable, you can donate it to social organizations such as Salvation Army.

Sell the old futon mattress

You are not wrong, yes, selling your old futon mattress is the next option you can think about. If it is still good for use, why don’t you sell it for a little amount of money? But, first of all, you need to clean it up to make it more attractive. Let’s take a picture of the whole mattress, find out the specification and what people should pay attention to while using this mattress, give a price and payment method. Later, post an ad in your social network to spread the news that you are offering a secondhand futon mattress with affordable price.

Use the old futon mattress for other purposes

If your current futon mattress is really old and you find it impossible to give it out for sleeping, you can use it for other purposes, such as an outdoor seat in the garden that your children can have a rest while playing around or jump on it as a game.

It is a good idea to use it as a picnic mat during family’s short vacation as well. As you can see, the creative ability and imagination of your kids are limitless, so there is no reason you let your old futon mattress as a tool for them to develop their abilities while playing.

There is one thing you should take into consideration: remember to clean the mattress up before letting the children use it.

Dismantle your old futon mattress and use some parts

If you see it is possible to use some parts of the old futon mattress, you can have it disassembled. After the mattress is taken down, it is time for your creativity to recycle it or make something new.

For example, you can save the carpenter, the slats which are made of wooden or metal, and the innerspring system for the projects in the future.

The final thought

In conclusion, we have showed you some interested ideas about what to do with old futon mattress. We believe that currently you do not only have an option of throwing it away but also take some advantages from it. So, there is nothing preventing you from purchasing a new futon mattress, let’s do it soon.

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