Where To Buy A New Futon Mattress

In the early age, futon mattresses were used by the Japanese to sleep when they don’t have enough space to use a big bed in a room. Traditionally, it is always a thin bed of cotton layers and a duvet that make up a Futon.

Different designs from different makers have made it a cool thing that can also be used in almost any home especially when they started designing the western style that comes in the form of a sofa too. Now, you can easily use that bit of space left in your room as a place to sleep. Don't you know where to buy a futon mattress? Don’t worry, that is why this guide has been written to help you out.

where to buy a new futon mattress

The market is already flooded with different types of futon beds that have been specially designed for different purposes and with different materials. It is not easy to find out the best futon mattress that meets your requirements as well as your family’s need. To do so, firstly you must be able to choose the type of futon you need based on some factors.

Examples of the factors are;

1. The reason you need a futon mattress

2. How often you will use it

3. How long you need it

4. How much you have to spend

5. What size and where to put it for space.

Different types of futon mattresses range with prices. In the market, the lower the price is, the lower the quality and vice versa. The futon mattresses that come with lower prices are not always strong and durable unlike those with a high price.

The low priced futon mattress are also not always as beautiful as the high priced ones; this is why you have to choose what you want it for carefully before buying. 

The main purpose of this guide is to show you places you can get new and great quality futon mattresses at the best price. There are currently several online stores like Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart, these stores give the best price and shipping rate of futon mattresses.

Here are the stores you can get a new futon mattress;

1. Amazon

2. eBay

3. Futonland

4. WalMart

But Amazon is one of the most reputed online marketplaces at the moment.

Amazon: Amazon has been the top-selling marketplace to shop for new and genuine things. They are said to have the best shipping rate and also a fair price. You can visit www.amazon.com for a new futon mattress. Right now, they have the DHP 6 inch coil futon mattress as their best seller and the Kodiak Montreal X Espresso futon frame as the top rated. 

Now that you have the idea of where you can buy a futon mattress, you should be able to consider how much space you have left in your room and how big the futon mattress you want to buy is. Currently, there are six basic sizes of futon mattresses in the market, and they are; queen sofa, full sofa, loveseat, and twin, single (cot size) and chair.

Queen sofa

The queen sofas are also called sofa beds because their mattress goes in between the two arms. They are called sofa bed because they are as big as a bed. The average futon on this sofa will be almost 60 X 80 inches.

Full-size sofa

For the full-size sofa, the size is almost like that of the queen sofa, but because it goes five inches shorter, it is called a full-size sofa. It is about 54 X 75 inches.


For loveseat, this futon is called loveseat because it can only sleep two people. It goes about 21 inches shorter in length than the full-size sofa. It usually comes with a pullout that can be used to extend the size of the sofa into a lounge position.

Twin Futon

For the twin size futon mattress, it can be designed in the form of a chair or a twin lounger. The chair style doesn’t have an extension so it can only sleep a person but the twin style has an extension and can be extended almost to the size of a Loveseat.

Chair Futon

Chair futons that have footrests or augmentation pullouts are ordinarily alluded to as a single and measure 28 x 75 long when in the bed position. The consistent seat does not make a full-length bed and needs a footstool to make a full-length bed. Chair futons are always best for kids and can also make a place for a grown up to sleep rather than sleeping on the floor.

So what size is a standard futon mattress ? The full-size futon is 54 X 75 inches. This is always the best to buy because it doesn’t take too much space and also doesn’t cost too much.


Now that you have read this guide, I believe that you now have an idea of where to buy a futon mattress and which type to buy. You should at least know the type of futon you need before you buy.

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