Why Should You Choose Futon Mattress?

In the past, when people had a thought about futon, they thought about an inexpensive replacement of a bed which was only used by unaffordable people such as workers or students. But this opinion is no longer true these days.

As you may see, the futon mattress market is very bustle because more and more people concern about this kind of bedding. Manufacturers also take advantages of advance technologies in producing futon mattress, make it as comfortable as the regular one. Moreover, futon is more favorable than the convertible sofa bed since people don’t need to purchase a topper when they want to transfer their sofa into a sleepable thing.

Futon is designed with outstanding features which is multifunctional and customers will be happy with its full customization. Finding a futon frame is not a difficult challenge as well because there are a wide range of frames available in the market with various prices and materials. It is essential for the new futon to match with your existed home design when looking for an ideal product.

Why-should-you-choose-futon mattress

Choosing the right futon mattress

It is not too difficult to purchase a right futon mattress in comparison with the regular one. In fact, the process is the same. When you are looking for a suitable futon mattress for your home, keep in mind three main things as below:

- Mattress size

- Level of support

- Level of comfort

The futon mattress industry has developed for a long time so there are a plenty of futon mattress options for customers to choose from, for example spring, memory foam, cotton or latex. In the college dorms, sometimes you can even see such cheap futons which are usually made from poor quality materials and too thin for sleep because you can feel the frame below if you sleep on. In general, the most comfortable futon mattresses are somethings which are made from high density memory foam with substantial thickness to help sleepers get rid of frame’s pressure.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose the thick futon mattress. The thicker the mattress is, the more support and comfort it provides. In the contrast, you will find it hard sometimes when you want to rotate or fold it up. You should also take into consideration your primary needs and wants before deciding to purchase a futon mattress because if you choose the wrong one, it may cause aches and pains.

The origin of futon


There is a fact that not everyone know, that futon is originally a traditional Japanese style of bedding. It usually consists of two main parts: a tatami mats and a thin mattress placing on top of the mats. People place it directly on the floor for use and when they are in need of place, they fold it up and store away easily. It is considered as a comfortable experience even though these futons are on the floor. It still provides some supports due to its materials (layers of cotton, foam, polyester fibers and the others) but surely cannot as comfortable as the pillowtop mattress we often use.

Tips for placing futon mattress

If you find that sleeping on a thin futon mattress and tatami mats is not what you expected, then you need our tips. You may solve this situation with some options. Firstly, find a futon frames whichever is made from wood or metal, then put the futon mattress on top of it. Or more simply, just purchase another thicker futon mattress and place it on the floor.

Why should you choose futon

It is necessary to look for a comfortable futon mattress from the high-quality range of products. Next step is to purchase additional items such as futon mattress cover, protector, sheet, pillows and other options that improve your experience.

As you can see, the industry of futon mattress has dramatically developed over years. High quality futon may serve you well better and longer than an inexpensive regular mattress. This development has the positive impact on the bedding market these days.

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